Saturday, September 14, 2013

Drama, Sunset, and More Drama

Sunsets, the fulfilled promise of day completed

I started the day with an early morning appointment for my Granddaughter.  While she was at her appointment I decided to get the jammed tail gate fixed, so back I went to the folks that installed the lock on the tailgate.  I arrive at 8:10 and they are not open.  They don't open for business until 10:00.  Remember the good ole days when businesses actually were open for business to meet the needs of customers???
So this little chore required a second trip this day...

I am still getting used to driving a BIG TRUCK.  I had been driving Little Hoss for 6 years and it fit me perfectly.  I knew it completely and it zipped in and out of tight parking spaces like a champ.  I knew exactly where I was in space, and how wide and long I was.  BIG Hoss is a whole different driving experience.  I feels like I am always over the lines and it takes several adjustments to get nto a parking space or get turned around.  I hope it gets easier soon.

Oh well, that means an opportunity to stop by Trader Joe's.... So I was able to stock up on some of my favorites.  I have even found a couple of recipes using the cookie butter.... I'll keep you posted on how they turn out.  Not to worry I found some 'good for me' veggies and fruits along with my favorite hummus and granola cereal.

One more confession... if purchasing the cookie butter is not sinful enough.... they have candy bars with the cookie butter in it.  I'll take one for the road, please!!

The blue bar is my favorite cookie bar

Got the tailgate fixed and dinner done.  (Chicken Noodle Stew).  Since my granddaughter  eats vegetarian, we have been eating lots of joint meals where we all eat vegetarian.  Sometimes when we are cooking a meal with meat that means I'm cooking a double meal.  Since I am basically a lazy cook we have been eating mostly vegetarian.  You can just call me a reluctant vegetarian.

One of the things I have discovered I have been missing is sunsets.  Where I am living there are so many trees that sunsets are spotty.  So the last few days I have been diving the hills close to the house to find some sunset viewing spots.  The sky was dappled with a few clouds so off we went after dinner to view a sweeping sunset.

We found a bluff overlooking a wide expanse of rolling hills that is about 10 minutes
 from the house. 

I took pictures in two different places before heading down a steep hill on a bumpy washboarded road.  A nearby water tower with access road provided a place to view the expansive western sky without trees obscuring the view.

I'm sure I will be spending many nights gazing into the sky's of the west as the clouds dance as the day slips away and the  colors dance across the horizon.

Not all the action is due west.  Sometimes the subtle colors to the north provide a gentle reminder that I must stay open to all possibilities and realities.

I have always loved the sun's setting. and it isn't always the spectacular sunsest that touches my soul.  Sometimes it is the mere submission of my spirit to the quiet as the day draws to an end.     

                           Company is not required.

                                                   Music is an unnecessary distraction.

                                                                                         Words are not necessary.

So here I am on this day.  Seeing the sunset in all it's glory but my life and these treasured moments are full of distractions.  I can feel my peace even in this peaceful space slipping away into irritation.

                 And then while backing up                                                    

 I fall over the edge.

Up to my axle

There is no traction due to loose gravel.  Four wheel drive in low ....slowly engaging the engine produces nothing.

Like happens so often in life, I find myself in a ditch.
   In my new truck and completely in the dark.
With the loud and hysterical drama that only a 13 year old girl can provide. 

A call to Camper World Roadside assistance to the rescue produces a miracle.  One hour of waiting, 5 minutes with a winch and we are free.....
Maybe I need a back up camera...... or a muzzle for my granddaughter.

klbexplores signing out......... Humble, Embarrassed, But Free.


  1. GREAT post! You just really do handle these things SO well. Beautiful sunset pictures. And you are so company. But what a crappy ending to such blissful sites. I have NO idea what cookie butter is. Guess I'll ask the great google.

    1. Did I mention..... the part where I went in the dark by myself and cried :( I did manage to keep from saying the awful things that pop into my head at stressful moments!

      Cookie butter is a paste the consistency of peanut butter, and is used to make speculoos cookies. Speculoos are a spiced cookie (similar to a ginger snap) popular in Belgium, the Netherlands and Northern France. They are traditionally served during the holiday season, and their spices (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg) will definitely remind you of the holidays, but they are becoming more and more popular year-round. Ask about the cookie butter next time you are at Trader Jo's.

  2. Just had to stop by to say I love the sunset pictures and I completely understand the challenges of getting used to a BIG truck. We have a four door Dodge dually loooong bed that I affectionately call The Beast but love her just the same. I drove her as my daily driver for over a year.

    With the extra width of the dual wheels I was always sure that I was over the line and when I follow other dually trucks and actually see the small amount of room left over on some of our streets I just shudder and hope I keep it between the lines when I drive her now. One tip I found for driving a motorhome was to "keep your right foot in the center of the road." So, that is how I visualize my position when I drive and by golly the truck will be in the right place. Now, my daily driver is a sports car so when I do drive the dually I am very careful.

    A backup camera would be so nice...if you get one keep us posted on how well it works (I could use one on the dually too).

    The Arkansas Travelers

    1. Glad to have you stop by. How long does it take to master the beast?

  3. Beautiful sunset photos.

    Great post and happy to see you got unstuck and didn't kill anyone in the process. :)

  4. Something is bothering me here... the front end should have pulled you out in that situation. it's where the heavy traction is... You said it was in four low... were the front tires just spinning? Was the grave so loose the front end had no traction? If not, I'm wondering if the Hubs engaged? I can see the back end not doing well in loose... but the front, up on the road should have had no problem... I'm suspicious the hubs didn't lock in so that you actually weren't in 4X4.

    1. They did just spin even from really slow... it was pretty loose. You are right, the back was hopeless. It certainly did shake my... I can handle it!- attitude. Obviously I have a learning curve to master.

  5. The larger truck will get easier in time. I went from a Vitara to the mid sized truck and still have trouble parking in the lines or pulling in far enough. Now with the camper shell I just use a parking space I can pull all the way into the next space so I can pull straight out. As for driving in a ditch well I did it going forward many years ago thought it was in drive OOPS my bad. Luckily a guy came along with a big pick up and pulled us out.

    I give you lots of credit for giving up your dream for awhile to take care of a grandchild. Hope things level out soon. Maybe you should go to the sunset places on your own once in the while to gather yourself and spirit.

  6. Oh my, cookie butter? I think it's something that I might have to stay well clear of! The sunset pics were gorgeous. I love mornings, but the time of day when the day starts to get dreary, I really love the colors & shadows of that time of day. Simply splendid! Hint: make sure you carry duct tape ;-)

  7. nah... not to worry... honestly? those tires don't look too long for this world, and they're HIGHWAY tires to begin with :) Like greased snot on a doorknob slippery :) Put some nice tires on there for back roading traction and you'll be fine!

    I've seen highway rubber get stuck on dry grass on the 4th of July! a decent set of not too aggressive "Universal" type tread from Les Schwab will change Your "ability" a huge amount! :)

    and you know... adventure isn't adventure... without an adventure! ;)

  8. My dear friend Brian, you have such a way with words. What would I do with my own personal rooting gallery!! I predict the tires won't make it through the winter with ice and snow!! I still can't believe I will be here for ice and snow rather than the southwest!! Geez

  9. My, you do have your adventures! Your granddaughter is so fortunate to have you to model what to do when unfortunate stuff happens. You take charge and fix it! I'm glad to hear Camper World Roadside came to the rescue. We have recently added the service and it is always good to know they actually came.
    Your photos of the sunset are beautiful!

  10. Yes, on the muzzle and yes, you need to get a winch but I suppose there wasn't a tree in sight!

    Fantastic sunsets, just gorgeous shots. Glad to see you are still having lots of fun.

  11. hi...I came over from Karen's blog...looking forward to reading your past and present posts.

    1. Welcome..... love all the vintage fun!!