Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Precious Memories

This is the last segment of my visit in Connecticut with my daughter, Melissa's  family.

Ninja Chef Scott

One of the best parts of visiting my daughters home is meal time.  It is more than mere food.  The cooking of food is a creation that becomes an event.  One such meal was homemade pizza and calazones.   

Everyone enjoying Pizza
The first few days I was still pretty wobbly  on the crutches and it was pretty difficult to manage the 4 flights of stairs so we didn't go out much.  But as the days went on I got stronger and we went out a bit. 

I wanted to see what the kids were involved in so I went to archery and fencing lessons.

On Guard

Zombie Luv

 Boo Boo (Bjorn found his own entertainment at fencing class.

Noah and Elias taking aim
                  While Momma cooked, Nana and Boo Boo played

The Play Dough Chef

Melissa showed me craft project she was working on.  So I had her show me how to do the wool felting.  My idle hands needed something to do.

Here are my first ornaments

Bjorn adopted the neighbors Dora sled and packed it everywhere with him..
The perfect place for a nap

The time for me to return had come.  There never seems enough time to accumulate memories when we live so far away.   They grow so fast and the changes between visits seems unbelievable.   But this blog and pictures stores the memories in a wonderful way.   I feel blessed.

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  1. How difficult for you that such a wonderful family lives so far away. That is one more nice thing about full timing. You can go visit more often hopefully. Love the choice of sports - archery and fencing. I don't ever remember having those as options. Everything was some version of a ball game.