Friday, November 9, 2012

A NorWester in a NorEaster

I was born and raised in the NorthWest.  We do have weather storms in the Northwest.  Often they just come and go without particular attention.   Sometimes lately people have been giving the storms names.   They name types of storms which may tell you how the storm may behave or they name storms to define a particularly memorable or catastrophe storm.   But mostly, I remember when storms were just storms.

This week, while visiting my daughter and family, I experienced my first NorEaster.  From the best of my knowledge (weak at best) it defines how the storms collide producing these winterstorms.  One week later, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy EVERYONE took notice.

View from my window before the storm

View from the deck

Some downed branches

Chicken coop causality

Elias met with a sledding accident

Noah and Bjorn building a snow fort

      But mostly this NorEaster was just

                                             FUN FUN FUN.....


  1. so good to see you enjoyed the storm. Hope you continue to get better and haven't suffered any additional injuries while maneuvering all those steps!

  2. Here's hoping you can avoid "the perfect storm," no matter which coast :))
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. Mark mostly I create enough drama of my own 'perfect storm'

  4. Very nice watching the boys playing in the snow from a far far distance. :-)) Cold enough here at 39 last night near Ocala in Florida. Not much further south I can go.