Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Am Brave

I have a new heroine.   Merida from the Movie Brave which came out on DVD today is a new kind of princess. This is the first Pixar cartoon that focuses on a female main character.  She is feisty, and certainly doesn't conform to society nor family expectations.

She does not easily slide into the role her family has diligently prepared her for.   She literally fights for her life and the right to define life on her own terms.

Never again should any princess, little girl or grown woman wait to be kissed awake to the life she was meant to live.

Brave is a bit of a dark movie with strong and sometimes scary images. While Brave is not the greatest cartoon ever made, nor based on a great American Novel, It presents a strong girl, with a message of hope and determination to girls of all ages.  

My New Mantra

 It is never to late to grow up to be a Strong Princess.    


  1. This film sounds like it gives a good message. I love your new mantra.

  2. So true that we need new "fairy tales" for girls and for wolves. Thanks for telling me about the movie and for bring up the point.

  3. Of course she's feisty... she has a beautiful mane of red hair!!! :))
    My son has red hair... There is a connection!
    Box Canyon Mark

  4. Indeed! I have always viewed my fading auburn hair as a reflection of natures attempt to tame my soul......NEVER!

  5. It's good to be brave. Hard sometimes, but good. At one time in my life when I was feeling really vulnerable I printed up a bunch of little sayings to keep with me with that kind of message. It really helped.

  6. now I will have to see the movie! Keep reminding me, please.....

  7. Hope your ankle's doing OK. You back home now?