Friday, November 2, 2012

Coping - One Hop at a Time

I am happy to report the pity party is over.

It seems I have returned to my normal pattern for coping with challenges. First I embrace denial.  Surely this will go away if I give it enough time.  Then, I feel sorry for myself and finally,  I move on to problem solving.  I think I am good at problem solving, I think you will agree.
I thought you might some of the hilarious moments as I figure this out.

The first couple of days, I only had sips of coffee.  This only fueled my pity party.  I am not nice without my morning coffee.  Do you know how hard it is to carry a cup of coffee on crutches....  Then finally it came to me.  My thermos pot that is kept in the trailer has a nice handle AND lid to prevent spills. So here I go!!!

Coffee and ME

It was not without casualties!

 Note the cup on the right....

    It didn't survive the trip!

First I went to the Farm and Feed store and had them load hay into the back of my covered truck.  Getting hay to the animals with a cane was simple... but painful... You can't imagine the noises and grunts I made!)  I had one arm free so I carried it with one arm to the fence and heaved it over.  After I found out that my ankle was broken and they took away my cane and supplied me crutches it became much more complicated.  With my Costco bag stuffed with hay I could carry enough hay to make the critters very happy!

I did ask for some help too.  My Auntie brought me some chicken soup.  All things are better with chicken soup.   I had someone bring in hay for me for the barn and put my sweet trailer to bed for the winter. I asked my neighbor to continue feeding the kritters for me for a couple of weeks.  I have also found homes for my goat Sugar and the Turkeys and chickens.  So much less work for me to do.

A new home for Sweet Sugar

A pause at the pond swing for a little autumn splendor

So yes, I have discovered I can survive.  Whether I am in a sticks and brick house or RV doesn't determine the outcome of my ability to cope with adversity.  I can ASK for help.  I can take care of myself. 


  1. I would have stretched out denial and self-pity longer. You can't rush the process!

    Glad you've turned the corner and made hay while the sun shone and looked for the silver lining and found the rainbow in the rain.

  2. Mind over Reality... works every time (eventually). Keep your foot up, your sprints are doing fine.
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. I will have to remember that Mark... Mind over Reality!
    Update from the Doctor.... I ended up having a boot put on today. There is still to much swelling up and down for a cast. Referred to a orthopedist but cleared for take off so I will be visiting my daughter and family for a bit... NO weight bearing allowed. Do you suppose they will bring me my coffee?

  4. You are woman! You are strong! After the appropriate amount of whining.

    How would you like your coffee ma'm?

  5. You are soooo making me laugh! And lord knows I could use a good belly laugh! Maybe we should just break out in song!!

  6. This post made me laugh. Sounds SO like me. Keep that boot off the ground. I know from experience how tempting it is. And have a safe trip and fun with your family.

  7. You can do this you are a woman of the world! Avon once put out a little hanging thing with a globe and 3 women joining hands to hang I still have mine in my car. Lets us all ROAR! Just do as the Dr. tells you and you will soon use the foot to kick butt again. Safe travels and enjoy.
    Sorry about your cup it was pretty.

  8. Oh Karen, I feel so bad - I started to call several times, but the time zones made it not work. When is your appt with ortho? Look online for knee walker -both hands free, rest for leg and it rolls! I found a couple around $200. Hospital supply places locally may rent them too! I agree that my pity party would still be going on but you are much tougher than this wimp.

  9. Isn't it amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it?

  10. Sounds like you made a lot of good decisions and asked for help from the right people. You go, girl! :)