Monday, June 23, 2014

Update on Trailer Repairs

Today is the day.... Loila is in the shop to get her axle replaced.  Due to the damage to the wheel well and tires we have been grounded for nearly two weeks waiting for the arrival of the new axle and then the installation.

So glad I didn't have to back the trailer into the service bay!
Have taken a leap of faith that the axle will be done and made reservations at Lake Spokane Campgrounds for three nights.  It is close enough to Spokane that I can get up there on Tuesday night even if it is not done till Tuesday during the day.

Axle off - ready for repairs

This week I had a neighbor help with restoring a wheel well that got mangled from the axle damage and tire problem.  We rebuilt the flooring supports, attached the wheel well to the new supports and caulked a good seal to keep out future water spray and dust.

Wheel fender securely in place

I also discovered yesterday openings around the wheel well on the other side.  It will be more difficult to repair due to cupboards above the wheel well on the floor.  What I discovered was duct tape bridging the gap between the well and flooring...... who does that????     

No wonder that the trailer was like a dust bomb went off in it after every trip on a dirt road!!

I understand not feeling competent to undertake some of the trailer repairs required to keep our little vintage babies sound but duct tape qualifies in my book as a stop gap measure to get you to a repair shop..... NOT as a permanent solution.    

So now I will be looking at getting the other wheel well repaired so we will be water and DUST tight.  Yes, not having a sticks and brick house relieves one a great deal of repairs, but trailers or motor homes have a whole slew of their own maintenance issues.

If this has sounded like a rant, please forgive me but I have tried to keep my blog accurate as to the pleasures AND the trials of vintage trailer life and travels.  It certainly would not be an accurate picture if I only painted a picture of one stunning vacation location following another.  There is certainly a flip side.

Just an update from me impatiently waiting to get back out there....



  1. This is a great post. There are always things found done by previous owners done badly. Duck tape for this leak was not a good idea but we all know some people think Duck Tape is a cure all.

    I'm glad you are reporting the things needing to be done. It will help others looking for a vintage trailer or any other used RV.
    Thank You

  2. But at least you don't have both house and trailer repairs to worry about.

  3. And well said! I once knew a man who thought "duck tape" was the solution to every repair including mending clothing. So now any time we use duct tape we call it "a Vernon job". But that tells you who thinks of those things as permanent solutions. People who don't want to bother. Good of you to put the bad in with the good. Every house has maintenance issues whether it is on wheels or not. Hoping for the best for Lolita and that you get out there to the camp.