Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Parades, Music, Concerts

School is wrapping up and we will soon be fitting in as much fun and travel time as possible.  But before all that fun begins the concert tour is winding down.   When you have a child in several bands there comes a time when the concerts seem to all happen within a short period of time.

Hailey belongs been part of 5 bands this school year.  She plays the clarinet and baritone saxophone.  She plays in the advanced band, two jazz bands, a district wide band and the church band.  Can you tell she loves music?  Let the music begin!!

A couple of weeks ago she marched in a parade with the school band.

Can you imagine playing your instrument AND marching AND turning a corner?

 Hailey to the left of the K sign

 Last weekend  she had the opportunity to participate with a Jazz band providing an all day clinic for the junior high musicians.  Later that night some of the kids were invited to play with the Jazz Band at a local concert hall.  I'm not sure how they got around the age restrictions but it was a great time.

The band teacher at her school went to school with the saxophone player and arranged for the clinic and concert opportunity for the kids.  How great for the kids to see that music can be more than a band  class or marching with a band.  Her band teacher was called up on stage to play with the band too.

 Hailey's teacher Brian Bogue on the far right

Jazz give musicians many opportunities for solos and Hailey handled the solos with confidence and humility. I have been amazed with the opportunities that music has brought into her life. 

 Hailey in the white on the far left.

I look forward to many campfire concerts this summer. 

~ Happy Trails ~  




  1. I was in bands in school as well, played the clarinet in the band and the oboe in the orchestra. We practiced for hours every single week to perform at the football games and had to memorize formations which spelled out words and made pictures all while keeping straight lines and all being on the same foot AND playing the music. How we ever did it I just don't know, but we did. Good for Hailey. Music is a wonderful addition to life and puts her in contact with great people.

  2. Great opportunities for Hailey.

  3. WOW that is really great. Such talent that child has. You must be proud.