Monday, June 16, 2014

Glamor + Camping = Glamping

Site of the Roslyn Vintage Trailer Rally

According to the final tally 130 trailers arrived at the 2014 Rally.  Obviously they would not all fit in this picture nor will I show pics of all the trailers.  But I do have some more favorites to share.

This post will be dedicated to vintage trailers where the owners took decorating license and made the wee home their own with style and pizazz.  I am not aware if the owners of these did the work themselves or had someone help with the renovations.  Enjoy!

My favorite of this rally of the fabulously decorated is a Field and Stream. 

It has similar lines as  the Holiday House of the last post but the decorating is definitely not a replica of the originals.



Some how I managed to miss getting a good photo of the kitchen area along the back of the trailer.

This tiny tin can was adorable!

Clearly she has glamping going on!

Many of these owners love their campers and spend time in them at rallies.  Others actually do some camping in them.
But these are not full time homes for their owners....  

There is no reason that functional items can't also be cute or represent a particular era or interests of the owner.   Often owners are extremely creative in combining functional use within a theme or color combination.

Groovy Baby!!

I have joined a number of Facebook Trailer groups.  Met people on line and we have shared ideas and learning technical information from one another about repairing our little doll houses.  It is fun to meet some of these folks and see their trailer passions in person. 

This restored trailer probably belongs in the last post as it is a restored rather than decorated trailer.  This trailer is probably my choice if I was going to live in one of the trailers.  It has classic lines,
      perfect for one
it's a back door model!

If you were going to decorate a trailer in a theme..... what would your theme be?


  1. One of the photo's has a can of Spam on the counter. Back when Spam was really Spam!!

  2. These are just great! I love full windows on the Field and Stream. What fun you are having. 130 doll houses to look at. I'm SO sorry Lolita couldn't come. She would have loved it.

  3. What a fun post . . . thank you :)
    I can't get enough of touring through these little trailers.
    Pop over and see the trailer birdhouse that our neighbor just made for us :)
    Have a great week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Oh what fun. I just went back to see yesterday's post too. I would love to have one of the small ones. I had never seen the likes of the 2 with the huge front windows.

    There have been lots of these gems for sale in Craig's list lately some complete and some totally gutted. My problem is I can back up worth a darn

    As far as decorating I would maybe go with a cabin theme cozy and comfortable.

    Thanks so much for sharing

  5. My husband and I restored vintage trailers...usually one or two a year and then we sell them. My current personal trailer is a 1954 Bellwood...12 foot. I totally love it and something special would have to come along before I sold her. My style is minimalist so I just not into the glamping so much....I prefer to let our work shine through...