Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tiny Steps Forward, More Stumbling Blocks

Made a little progress forward today..... Lolita has exterior lights again.  When the plug for the trailer to attach to the new truck was installed it didn't match up correctly with the ground... Newer truck and old, old trailer are often a problem.  So we had to install a ground wire through the plug and screw it to the trailer frame.... Presto - exterior lights again.  This means the trip is back on......Yea!!

Now for the bad news..... Still no interior lights but I'll be having my help again tomorrow so hopefully I will get that fixed also. If need be, I can live with that for the trip, after all I am a creative gal.

More bad news..... My Millenicom hotspot died.... Still under warranty by 3 weeks but then I will no longer be covered under warranty so I won't be able to upgrade to the more reliable hotspot.  If I get the antenna as I had planned it will not fit the upgraded model.... I hate dilemma's where there are no clear answers.  It always seems there are lots of win/lose solutions.
On top of that..... my cell phone is MIA.... I refuse to give up.... (There is plenty of time for panic later!!)  Hopefully I find my phone.  The phone can be replaced..... the phone numbers not so easily....

  I must get my act together!!

Don't call tonight.... I will be busy!


  1. Circumstances can sure throw a monkey wrench in your plans. You are a good problem solver and will be on your way before you know it. Are you planning to be at the International Glamping Weekend in Bend/Sisters this year?

    1. I'm actually going to be at the event in Spokane this year.....tho I will miss seeing you this year!

  2. Sometimes I want to just get locked in a room with that damned Murphy and a rusty spoon... grrrrrr... Smile... grin and bear it... keep on keepin' on... gets harder and harder when your one single desire is to choke the living begeesus out of... Something!!! ... good time to go spit firewood...

  3. Sorry - things seem to all happen at once. Then it's smooth sailing for a while again. In a couple of months this will all be a memory - of problems you solved. Keep your chin up - you'll get through. :)

  4. Just a speed bump on the road to travel time!

  5. I don't have electric in my camper but those LED lights are great and come in so many sizes now. But I bet by tomorrow you will have it all solved you made a great progress and the fixes seemed really easy once you figured it out.

  6. Boy what a pile of problems. I assume you've called your phone and it isn't answering. You know things will eventually all work out, lights, wifi, phone. But it does seem to be a lot all at once to have to wade through. Hoping it all gets cleared up quickly.