Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lolita Came Home

With winter finally put to bed, it was time to bring Lolita home to start getting ready for departure to Utah in 11 days.  I waited till now since their were a couple of really rainy days this week and I wanted to keep her under cover as long as possible.  Sunny skies and temperatures in the 50's certainly put me in the mood to step up preparations for the long awaited trip.  In the coming days I'll be getting the truck and trailer readied for blast-off.

Along with preparations I can't resist the opportunity with the warm weather to take another hike.  I have been exploring local trails that I have never been before.  Funny how in an area I have lived most of my life there are so many places I have never explored.  Palisades Trail is one such place.

Palisades Trail is on the farthest western point of Spokane.

 It is a volcanic cliff that runs from North to South with Hangman Creek and Spokane River cutting through the gorge.  Palisades trail runs along the bluff facing to the east.

 The views were spectacular of Mount Spokane to the north.  

We found a cave during our explorations. At first it seemed  that it had a small opening wich was more like a window and Hailey climbed right through.

Too small for me so I went around to the other side and found a larger opening. There was clearly enough room for all three of us (and more) to stand up in this cave.

Sorry about the bright light.... the sun wouldn't move!

On up down gorge to the south.
The bluff on the left center of the picture is where the Bluff Trail that I hiked on the last post.    

How long could you sit and gaze at views like this. 
I could drink in the landscape forever.... if I could just put a stop to the urge to see around the next bend in the road.

~ Happy Trails ~


  1. What a perfect day for a hike! Your upcoming trip sounds perfect; enjoy your preparation time!

  2. Looks like a wonderful hike. You do have some nice ones very close to home. LOL at the sun wouldn't move. I have that problem all the time. I know you must be getting excited now for your trip in Lolita. Bet she'll be glad to be on the road again too.

  3. Will Haley be on spring break? I hope you have a great time. Another nice hike too.

    I see some of your pictures are messed up too. I fought with mine for quite sometime tonight.