Friday, July 5, 2013

Red, White and Clean

Independence Day means many things to many people.  But is is always a time to pause and celebrate the Independence of our country that has been hard fought by the young men and women of our military.  This year the tragic deaths of the Hot Shot Firemen of Prescott, Arizona weigh heavily on our Nations' hearts.  They ultimately gave up their lives protecting the people or Yarnell Hill.

For me the Fourth of July will always be a bit non-traditional.
My daughter, Stacy was born on July 4, 1976 in Kailua, Hawaii.

My little firecracker was born early and tiny! 

After a month in the hospital she joined our little family.  She has struggled for her entire life for the independence we celebrate each year on her birthday.  She has faced challenges each day, that most of us could not fathom.  Auntie and I celebrated with Stacy  a fun, low key day.
When Stacy first moved into her new house, I started a tradition of buying her a new rose bush each year for her birthday.  She has loved her roses and taken great pride in their growth and stunning beauty.

This year I discovered a new nursery that propagates roses near where I am staying.

Not only did they sell their own roses but the grounds were filled with lush gardens that display roses in a beautiful setting which made it difficult to narrow down the choices. 

I was able to find beauties in her favorite color, purple.   But I also went crazy in the climbing roses and am also starting a new Project, The Fence of Many Colors.  This project will take years to bring the vibrant colors to life in Stacy's yard.

I only hope we are as successful growing their beautiful roses.

Before spending the day with Stacy I was off to do the Laundry.  Yes, I know.... what mundane drudgery!

Boy was I in for a nice surprise.  The laundromat that my Auntie suggested was the best I have been in.  Certainly a pleasant way to spend a hot morning.

Certainly a pleasant way to spend a morning.

  Containing the energy of this sweet little boys.
Milo and Carsen

After planting the flowers for Stacy, we went to a Shopping Center and had an amazing shopping splurge at the Dollar Store.  Bags and Bags of goodies later we headed for lunch at the Timber Creek Buffet.

Hope each of you enjoyed your Forth of July Holiday and celebrated the Independence we all hold so dear!


  1. A rose garden is a memorable way to stay connected to your daughter. I'm sure as she tends her garden she thinks about each contribution and the memories of that year. A lovely idea!

  2. Happy Birthday Stacy!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day together.

  3. I love the rose garden as opposed to roses in a vase! Certainly more "bang for the buck" in addition to providing years of great memories & lovely thoughts.
    "Own Root" roses are sure the way to go ... my favorite rose nursery is Heirloom Old Garden Roses in St. Paul (just about 45 min. from me) and whenever I bring home the tiny little rose plants I remember the old saying that applies to perennials as well: "The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they LEAP."
    I've got some great LARGE species rosebushes now that just started as little twigs in the ground a few yrs ago ... very gratifying.
    Belated happy birthday to Stacy .... It does my heart good to read your blog entry. XXX

  4. Loved planting the roses and pots of flowers. Planting a garden is a lot like raising children. It takes a lot of love and work before you see the wonderful results. It is wonderful to pass that love down and see her joy with her flowers.