Saturday, July 20, 2013


Last night was a long, long night. To start with it was a very hot night,  minus thunder and lightening  of before but still pretty hot without air conditioning. Fans help make it bearable but still a restless night.

I love watching trains.

I always wonder where they have been and the stories they could tell.  Maybe, some of my love for trains comes from my itchy feet and urges to travel.

I could sit and watch the trains go by for hours.  I am in a perfect spot to sit in my chair in the evening and watch them go by.

The trains were busy last night with whistles blowing at least every hour.
So why is it that whistles only seem to blow at night?

Where I am staying there is a spur line plus another regular train line.

The spur line is like a passing lane where trains can leave cars parked to be picked up by other trains or trains can pass slower trains or ones going in the opposite direction. 

In addition to train whistles, the spur line provides additional sounds of banging as they connect the cars together. I only slept between trains last night, until another one whistled on by.

Last night seemed especially busy and noisy.

We sit above a large beautiful meadow where the trains run through.

Great cell reception....4G service

Last night in addition to the trains, coyotes howled and yipped  down in the meadow.  I've known they were here, but they hadn't let me hear their call of the wild.    As far as I know they weren't up by the trailer....

Kitties didn't seem bothered by their presence.

After I settled down from hearing the coyotes, I heard some hissing that was difficult to place the sound.  I got up and walked around the inside of the trailer.... Seemed to be coming from the front of the trailer near my bed.  I went out side and checked out the outside and located the hissing.  The hissing was from the propane tanks or hoses.  I carry a hand help propane detector so I was able to locate the area it was coming from.

Yep, turned those tanks right off.
Something else to add to the TO DO LIST.

The rest of the night I spent tossing and turning, dreaming of a NEW trailer. 

I  am feeling so conflicted about the benefits of new versus vintage trailers.  Of course there is no guarantee that a new trailer is free from maintenance.  Sticks or bricks or wheels to go, they all needs our attention and care. 

Today I found this link to a little trailer eye candy (other wise known as trailer porn)  for those of you who love to day dream of vintage trailers.

Dream on........ 


  1. I cast my vote for "vintage." Or, as I like to say "old." If you have a new, under-warranty trailer, you have to take it to where the repair is covered, which seems really oppressive to me. And, I've read so many stories of sub-par new construction and problems right away, I don't feel great about new rigs in general.

    You have a vintage rig, you repair it where you want to repair it. Or, you do it yourself. You ask local people for someone good and honest. You don't drive 500 miles to an authorized repair facility.

    That's just me! I'm sure there are lots of people who love their brand-new trailers.

  2. Thanks for posting that link. Those are some beautiful vintage trailers. We love looking at them but not sure we would actually want one!

  3. I have a really hard time staying near train tracks. I am such a light sleeper. I sympathize with you. But I'd love to be awakened by coyotes calling. Probably not as much if I had been awake all night with the trains.

    Thanks for posting the link. What beauties those are. I can see why you are conflicted. New and AC or Vintage and beauty. It is a really difficult choice.