Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Exploring NorthEast Washington.... Continued

Sullivan Lake

 Another popular destination in Northeast Washington State is Sullivan Lake.  Another pristine lake in the North Country with Forest Service Campgrounds located at both ends of the lake. 
Not far from Sullivan Lake is Mill Pond.  A short walk around part of the pond reveals markers telling the history of the area....... and look what I found lurking in the pond.
(Reader Cj CozyGirl guessed it right!  A Beaver!) 
Found this beaver happily munching on reeds.  He was rather annoyed by my presence and flapped his tail against the water to protest.  Off he went away from my prying eyes.
At the end of the pond was a spillway with a walking bridge over the top.  
 The view from the top, looking down
Metaline Falls is a quaint little local town in Northeast Washington just south of the Canadian Border.  As I often do, a drive around town revealed historic and quaint little buildings.
Hotel Washington
A Colorful Church
Historic Home

Cutler Theater (Formally the local School built in 1912)
I was amazed by the friendly people of this darling little town.  People were sitting out on their front porches on this warm summer evening and waving at a complete stranger in their town.
Western Hospitality at it's best!  I certainly did feel welcome!!
One, not to be missed attraction of the area is a covered/open car train excursion between Ione and Metaline Falls. You will certainly get a feel for the landscape of the area. Views and vistas from the train are not to be seen by roads of the area.  The train has been known to be robbed by Ma Cutter and her gang while waiting for the engine to couple back up. Don't worry as they are only looking for donations for the historic Cutter Theatre in Metaline Falls.
Call TOLL FREE: 877 5 ALL ABOARD (877.f525.5226) to find out the summer and fall schedules of the Pend Oreille Lions Trains during your visit.
Camping is plentiful in the area between Colville and the Metaline Falls area. 
Starvation Lake has a BLM managed campground.  Most of the 13 campsites do not have a view of the water but are within easy walking distance and there is a day use area.  There is one accessible site. There is a campground host on site. 
Starvation Lake photo from the web
While there is not a fee for usage a Discovery Pass is needed in all state and BLM sites for day use or camping.  The cost is $35 annually or $10 per day use.  Budget cuts have severely impacted state parks funding and the Discovery Pass directly supports their upkeep.
My favorite campsite along the way was at Flodelle Creek.

This babbling creek was right along side several of the campsites.
Not much sun for solar but the shade was very cooling.
Several nearby little lakes provide plenty of kayaking opportunities.
A Discovery Pass is needed.  No additional charge for camping
The lakes know as the Little Pend Oreille Lakes are composed of Gillette, Leo, Frater and Nile Lakes and is a wonderful kayak destination.  Campgrounds  are also available at Gillette Lake and Leo Lake
Lake Gillette Forest Service Campground is in a pine, fir and larch forest setting on Gillette Lake. Fish for trout and swim in the lake. Boat launch at lake. Supplies are available in the town of Ione. Deer, bears, raccoons, moose and birds are common to the area. The Little Pend Oreille OHV Trail is nearby. Amphitheater at campground. There are a total of 14 sites with a maximum spur of 28 feet.  Drinking water, pit toilets and bear proof garbage disposal.
($16/$8for seniors per night)  No Reservations.
Leo Lake is a small campground with 8 campsites, some with private lake views and others closer together. This is a smaller campground with no day use area. 
($ 16/$8 for seniors per night) No Reservations.
Sullivan Lake is a US Forest Service Campground that does allow Reservations.  There are campgrounds at both the north end of the Lake and the South End of the Lake.  Additionally there is a another camp called Noisy Creek Campground.
Additionally along the river there are a few RV Resorts but I did not check about the availability of those as I was checking more about boondocking sites. 
One last thought about camping in this area.  Northeast Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana are known habitat for bears.  I grew up with bears visiting our campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest.  However the only place I have ever seen a grizzly bear is in a zoo.  Due caution is required.  Keeping food and or garbage contained in your vehicle helps to eliminate problems with bears in your campsite.
A final stop at a rest area south of Ione revealed another lovely water fall at Sweet Creek. 
 In addition there were wonderful private picnic areas to choose.  The Water Fall was Sweet, The Picnic area was Sweet.  The rest rooms Not so Sweet! 
As always I can find bouquets of flowers.
The sights, the sounds, the smells..... remind of my childhood in these forests.
All is well with my soul. 


  1. Beautiful pictures. I can't wait to get back up to the PNW. I just bought my first trailer today and will be hitting the road soon. I have followed your blog to see all you went through downsizing etc. You are traveling through some great country.

  2. Love, love, love the eyebrow dormers in that historic home. Thanks for taking us to the "other Washington."
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. These pictures are just wonderful especially those first 3. What a shot of the beaver. You could frame that one. Thanks so much for all the campground information. I'm putting it in my going to Washington file.