Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mish Mash Day

Lots of the little stuff today......

Awoke to a jarring event.  A big kathunk under the bed!
My first thought always is......

"Dammit Emmit what have you done now."  (You know we all have to have someone to blame the unknowns events on!)  Well Emmit was in the clear.... 
Sorry Emmit!!!  :)

This is what I found.

Looks like a little RV parts shopping is in order today.  I had just bought this wheel for the trailer in April.  The metal frame is in perfect condition but the tire broke off completely.  They sure don't make things like they used to.  Shopping today... repairs another day.

It's hot, hot, hot. Last  night it finally dipped below 80 degrees at midnight and returned to 80 degrees at 9:00 AM.  I have fans which make it comfortable but the humidity is higher so it feels worse.  After tonight's thunderstorm the humidity should drop again and then it should be better.
Shopping should be a late afternoon event.... ah, cool air conditioned stores!

Cleaned up in Lolita.  I love it.  Swish, Swish, Dishes, Sweep Sweep and I'm done.
Can you imagine all the hours of life that we have spent cleaning big houses.  There is so much time for living with a tiny home.
What was I thinking.  This is the life!

I did tackle the pantry cupboard.  I must do something with that cupboard.  In order to get out one little thing, I must move EVERY THING!
So I need more soda too.I need more shelves.... more baskets to making it more manageable.  Look out HOME DEPOT here I come.   (By the way, I didn't find the baking soda, so I need more soda too.)

Time to gas up Little Hoss and while I was there I pulled my little truck through a car wash.... Yep, the truck is really green.  I had begun to wonder.

This afternoon is a big cooking event.  I am helping Auntie prepare a dinner for local area homeless families.  I'm making one of my favorites Chicken Enchiladas.   Auntie is making Spanish Rice and another gal is making a Salad and bringing Ice Cream bars.  In this area, a group of Churches work together to provide housing (in the basement of neighborhood churches, meals and support help.  Last night we had four families and everyone seemed to enjoy the food.

It takes so little, an illness, a lost job, a car breaking down, for a family who is secure and happy in a home one day, to become homeless and dependent on the kindness of strangers.

I understand that there are more churches throughout the surrounding area who repeat this helping hand over and over.  What a blessing they are to these peoples lives.  It certainly was a blessing in mine that I was allowed to share a meal with these families on this hot summer afternoon.

That's it... a bunch of little events.... making up a great day! 



  1. How wonderful of you to help those less fortunate. Sounds like a great meal. Hope your RV parts shopping is easy on the wallet. It always seems to be something. But you are right, cleaning is a Snap!

  2. Thank goodness for kind, generous people like you and your aunt and the local churches. I love chicken Enchiladas and Spanish rice.

    Bummer about the wheel braking - you need a stronger one, for sure! :)

  3. How wonderful of you all to make a great meal that will stick to there ribs. I bet they loved it and were very happy and grateful to you all. Nothing like seeing a happy smile and knowing they have a full stomach.

    To bad about the wheel. You would think they would make them lots stronger than that.
    I use baskets to store things in the cabinets so I can just pull it out and there is what I need. I even keep plastic ones in the freezer for small bags of veggies and fish. Keeps them from sliding all over the place.

  4. That's lousy about your wheel but much more fortuitous about the propane leak. I first thought you were going to tell us about a rattler (hissing sound). All in all your guardian angel was keeping an eye out.
    Bless the churches and their people for taking on a task that is pretty big. Your meal looked darn good too
    . I'm sure everyone enjoyed the company and food.
    I really love your pictures and thoughts about the trains. I live right by the railway tracks and have gotten used to the sounds. And I too often wonder about what they carry and where are they going.
    Keep on chuggin' and I wish you cooler weather!