Monday, April 22, 2013

One Day the Sky Looks Black........... The Next the Sky is Blue

Thank-you for the outpouring of support regard the sale of my house and my daughters injury.  I am certainly weathering these eventful turns.  It is certainly a good thing when it comes to emotions I am pretty easy going and it takes a lot to stir me up.  The past few weeks have been a roller coaster and I just keep riding the ride knowing that one day the wild ride will level out.   

When I last posted, the sky was looking pretty black.


The buyer for my house was notified that the school district  was eliminating his job and he would only have a job for two more weeks, the exact  number of days until the scheduled closing of the house.  He contacted the union and the union spoke with the school district, reminding the school district officials that they must move him to any open position.  There is one.... He now has employment again.
No need to sweat, the sale is back on.

Saturday I had arranged for a U Haul to move the things that I am storing and some items to my daughters houses that they wanted.  The lower level is now empty and half of the upstairs.  The rest of the contents need to be packed and the some furniture are on Craigs List with the remaining furniture to be donated next week. It was a long day but with that done it now feels more like the end is finally in sight.    


My daughter has been moved from the hospital to a rehab facility and will need to stay there until she can transfer with assistance to her wheel chair.  She will have assistance at home and after the house closing I will move my little trailer to her house until she is feeling stronger.  I can work on getting every thing take organized and ready for take off.    It is wonderful to have this flexibility in my life and I am so grateful that this happened before I left the area so that I can be of help to her for a bit until she is back to normal.

Yesterday it poured rain just because it can.  After all it is Spring and it rained buckets and buckets without any help from me.  I sat in my favorite chair and watched the clouds and rain roll in and over the quiet valley and just experienced the quiet recovering from the demands of the moving day. 

At times in my life, I have fussed when things haven't gone the way I wanted.  I have worried.  I cried.  I sometimes yelled.  I paced from window to window in my house.  I wallowed in my own misery and complained loudly to anyone who would listen.   And I must admit, it changed nothing.

This morning the blue sky reappeared


and the birds
       have returned to the feeder
                       by my window seat.

 Every thing seems right with the world.

In the comments of my last post Sherry shared words of wisdom from Dalai Lama.
"If a problem has a solution, there is no need to worry.
If a problem doesn't have a solution, there is no need to worry."

What a wonderful view to approach the problems that life presents to each of us. 
I cannot control what comes tomorrow.  I can only choose my response.
I choose to find peace and happiness in each day regardless of the circumstances.

My Inspiration Garden

I am going forward with emptying my house.

I choose to follow my dreams... 


  1. What a lovely post! I am so glad for you and the buyer that there is a union for him and thus a job. I love your rainy window picture and hope you will take your inspiration garden with you to put in each place you stay. It is beautiful and it would be fun to find just the right place for it in each spot where Lolita stays. Where did you find the stones? I think I have room for a little bag with them in it for my own garden. Great idea, hope you don't mind if I copy - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your daughter.

    1. I have collected them over the years.... When I have found a new one that inspires me I add it to the collection and yes it is going with me. Some of the rocks are small and others large. But I will make room. They are made of resin so they are not heavy.
      Yep, I'd love to see what inspires you in your garden too.

  2. Great for the sale and I hope your daughter continues to heal and gain her stregth once again.

  3. It is good to hear your daughter is on the mend. I'm glad you are close and able to help her as she continues to recover. Your post was peaceful. I think a lot of things seem to be coming together.

  4. Good news on both fronts and life levels out again.