Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Moving Forward

The sale of the house is progressing nicely.
The inspection results are all resolved so the appraisal is the next step and will happen tomorrow at 8:30.  Finally something happening regarding the house sale that I don't have to leave the premises for. 

 I am arranging for a U-Haul truck and will be moving the items I will be keeping to storage this weekend (mostly family items and those things I can't quite part with!)


So between now and then I will be emptying the contents out of drawers, unmaking beds and getting it all ready to go.  I will also have the remaining furniture from down stairs brought up and put in the garage to ease their departure.

Since I will have help for this part, I want to get as much done of the heavy work done.  I have also learned that is is easier for me if as many of the decisions are made ahead of time when there are fewer distractions to minimize stress.  We will have to see how that goes.

I am shooting for May 1 for a closing date so I have to Move It, Move It, Move It!

Next I will need to figure out where I will be parking for a couple of weeks after the closing as I will want to be getting things settled in Lolita and getting organized with all the  last minute departure arrangements made! 

I will be planning on leaving the Spokane area around May 15 and doing some visiting of friends I haven't seen for a long while as I travel across Washington State visiting in Seattle, Tacoma and along the Washington Coast where friends live.  Then I have reservations for a Glamping Event (a kind of Women's Vintage Trailer Camping Rally in the Portland, Oregon area for May 31 through June 2.  I will be posting plenty of eye candy pictures of those vintage treasures for you to view.  I haven't met any of these gals other than on vintage trailer sites so I will be stretching myself a bit in a new social arena.  I feel like a scout out to find new areas to explore further in the future as the time and opportunity arise.

I'm getting close.... I can feel it!


  1. I was born in Seattle and raised at the foot of Mt. Rainer i Eatonville, WA. and we have family in the Sea/Tac area. Have fun in your travels. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your time with your friends in the Portland area. We live in Milwaukie, a suburb of Portland.

  2. You are on your way to an awesome adventure. Congratulations on your house.

    Wow, you're a social butterfly, flitting off to pollinate new friendships and enjoy the friends you already know.

    Have fun in Portland, our old stomping grounds. It's so beautiful there, but might be rainy. Ha! What's new about that?

  3. This will be a busy but exciting time for you.

  4. Hope the appraisal goes well, and keep us posted. A vintage trailer rally will be fun.
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. That's a lot planned for two weeks. ;)

  6. Definitely a busy time in your life. A great idea to hang around locally until you get things all in order. So glad to hear the house is moving along easily. Can't wait to see all the vintage trailers. I wonder if you will be the only full timer in a vintage. You go girl!

  7. Heading into the home stretch. Good Luck

  8. nothing like setting tight deadlines for yourself! Guess we all do better with a little kick in the rear. So excited for you. Wish I could meet you in Portland area, not sure if the old girl can make it that far at this time. Come further south so we can meet up. I feel like it would be a long last "reunion" with my sister from another mother. You need to get Diyo to come hang out with you. Tell Sherry there are a few of us full-timers that have vintage castles!