Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Steps Moving Forward

I subscribe to a number of email posts that provide encouragement, prayers and profound thoughts to get me started for the day.  It is important for me to focus on the positive things in my life and practice gratitude for all the little miracles that define each day.  This was among today's posts from  Trust Your Journey
"No matter how bad things are at any one moment, no moment lasts. good or bad, time moves on because it has to. And so do you." ~unknown
It seemed to hit the nail on the head for me today.  I am experiencing profound grief these days that often moves me to tears or paralizes me with inaction.    The loss of my little Furby has is still very fresh and consuming.  I have sat down to write posts only to find the words do not come, only tears.  
I have hesitated on writing these difficult posts.  As I have said before it its hard to say goodbye to the life we had before and all the things that made that life wonderful.  It is hard to say goodbye to the security that home represents.  It is hard to say so long to the people, places and way of life.  It is difficult to write and probably difficult to read but it represents the journey and this blog is about my journey.  To report only the fun engaging moments seems dishonest to me. I hope that future RVers who consider the steps to their own journey will be heartened to understand I too experienced tough moments and yet the process brought me stronger resolve.       
As I move forward into a new phase of my life I will find new adventures and many new ways to define the important elements of my life.  
I do want you to know the empty spot in my heart is comforted by the kind words and thoughts that you have expressed following my last post. 
Though sporadic spurts of grief sideline my efforts towards full time travel, I am still moving forward one step at a time.
My heart is full of memories and kind thoughts and words.....


  1. I love that saying from "unknown." I have a digital file with motivational sayings, and I'm going to copy that one into it. "...time moves on because it has to. And so do you." So simple, and so true.

    We do have to move on, but sometimes it takes longer if the loss is deeper. Furby will always be part of your fondest memories, and I wonder if this is harder for you because he was your Mom's dog, and a wonderful way to have your Mom with you each day. You might also be mourning the loss of your Mom? You'll get through this, take the time you need.

  2. Grief is a process and it takes time. Be gentle with yourself. I still cry when I talk about Nakoma and Monacan, Fred, Ginger, Lily and Emmie. They were the last of my crew. They are one of the reasons I have not been able to sell the farm. They are all buried there. It is hard to keep it and only stop by once or twice a year. Even paid off there are serious expenses in upkeep and maintenance. But I wasn't ready to let go of it when I was ready to go on the road. So I figured out how to be SO frugal, I could do both, barely. I will know when the time is right to part with it. One step at a time I tell myself. Just like you said. One step bat a time.

  3. Karen, I'm so sorry about Furby.

    I was thinking about how lucky you both were, which is so wrong, and the wrong thing to say. I mean that Furby had so many great farm years with you longer than his doc gave him. That you didn't have to make that awful decision for him. That his transition was calm and not filled with strange places and stress.

    Preparing for full-timing was frought with grief for me. Solidarity.

  4. You brought tears to my eyes when you wrote about your loss. I feel for you. Most of us have loved and lost a pet. But for you, coming at a time when you are experiencing so many changes, it is especially difficult.

  5. Kaen, great post. We all need time at different lengths for diffent things. Yes one day at time one step at a time. But we do move on.
    best wishes to you