Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

Well here I am and here I'll be for Christmas this year.  Sometimes I think making plans is the sure fire way for the universe to practice sending curve balls your way.  But swinging at pure air does little to change the outcome so I'm settling in for a long winters nap.

Since standing on my leg is not in the doctors orders, two legged Christmas activities are limited this year.  There has never been a year without decorations so decorate I did.  It certainly is scaled down but there definitely is some Christmas cheer in the house.

Living room decorated
Since I am decorating in a scaled down version I decided to only use items that I am keeping.  I will be keeping some of these in storage and one bin will come with me on the road.  (At this point I can't face future holidays without some familiar things.  So this year is a practice year with the limited decorations.)  There are two requirements.  It has to fit in one bin and be light weight.

I have always decorated a seven foot tree as a western tree.  It often took 6 hours or more to get it perfect.  Well for sure, that isn't happening this year, so I decided to transition to a smaller tree.

Several years ago, for Christmas I put together Christmas sleighs for my Mother, Auntie, and daughter who had a house at the time.  Each tree/sleigh had a different theme and was chosen by the interests of the individual.  My mother collected Noah's arks so her tree featured Noah's Ark collectables, my daughter Angels, and my Aunties features Teddy Bears.  When my Mom passed away I kept her sleigh and now it is time to make it fit me.

Jolly Western Tree Sleigh

So I added one of my Santa figurines at the bottom and ornaments from my big tree and presto my tree/sleigh has become my own and still holds sweet holiday memories. 

Well, that's it for decorating the house...but the advantage is when Christmas is over the put-away will be just as quick and with a little Christmas luck I will be able to return to getting ready for my new life!


  1. I love your Christmas Tree in the sleigh. Very cute. :)

  2. Your decorations are perfect. And I love the tree in the sleigh. Merry Christmas, Karen!

  3. So sorry you are still not weight bearing. Hope you get off those crutches soon. Hope this long time will result in better healing than I had.

    The sleigh is gorgeous. You are a talented one to have made those for your loved ones. Love the way you've turned this holiday lemon into practice lemonade. Good for you!!

  4. You are so talented and I am jealous! Not sure that tree will fit in your girl if you want to be able to sleep! I brought a tree from my former Dept 56 village but haven't gotten any decorations for it yet. Guess I need to get going. Like Sherry said, you have such a great attitude and I thank you for sharing it with me!!!

  5. I wish you a speedy recovery.
    I love your decorations the place looks great and simply can say so much more. I down sized this year too.