Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Turkey Saga Continued....

Nosy Hen Mom that I am, I checked on the turkey eggs tonight.

 Girls still sitting on the nest....

 That's good.

 Remember, the last time I checked the egg count was at 15, down from 20 eggs.  That isn't to uncommon as not all the eggs are viable.  Usually the hens will give the nonviable eggs a boot out of the nest. and of course there are predator issues also.  And it seems that we have had some 2 legged predators checking out the nest as well.  When I was at the nest tonight the neighbor girl from next door told me her brothers have had the eggs and been playing with them......   GRRRRRR.  Some peoples kids!!

Well here is the current egg status.  Yup you counted correctly.... Four.... Just Four eggs left!!  I did find broken egg shells 10-20 ft away. Did I mention that the turkeys full grown sell for  $50 each!!!  I don't want to do; the math....  Like I said, GRRRRRRRR

The last thing I can think of is the eggs may not be fertile.   One other time the eggs didn't hatch...... In that case it wouldn't be looking good for the Toms.  You have to do more than look good guys!!

 The Turkey Saga to be Continued........ 


  1. Maybe a chat with the boys is in order?

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