Monday, May 14, 2012

A Parade and the Spokane River Falls

Saturday was the perfect sunny day for a parade.  My oldest granddaughter plays the clarinet in her middle school marching band.  So My Auntie and I and my kiddo went to the early morning Jr Lilac Festival.  I loved seeing her playing.  I of course, had to make sure that she saw me..... chasing down the street with camera in hand, to get the perfect picture.     (This is as close to perfect as I could get taking a picture of a moving object!)  Hailey is the tallest in the orange shirt.  Such a cutie!  (Grandma's are expected to show favoritism.)

  A walk along the river showed the power of the Spokane River that cuts through the downtown city.  A gondola comes down from the upper RiverFront Park and is shown in the bottom left of the photo.  A thrilling and beautiful way to experience the river during the Spring and early Summer. 

Markers along the river tell the history of this area along the river. 
I have lived here most of my life,  How did  I not know these were here? While I'm getting the footwork done for full time RVing I best be viewing my the sights in my own back yard.

The Monroe Street Bridge rebuilt (for the third time in 1912) still stands and carries vehicles and pedestrians to the north side of the city.

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  1. One of the reasons I have penciled in to stay here in Honduras for 3 months after my target date of all debt paid off is so that I can take some time to visit all the places I haven't seen while I've been here so far. It has been hard not to travel more, but the reason I'm here is to work to make the money to pay off debt. After that, I'll be traveling around here every weekend.