Friday, May 4, 2012

Procrastination Lives at my House

     Yep, procrastination doesn't come to visit periodically at my house, it is a full time resident.  I have always known I work best under pressure with the adrenalin  fueling creativity and productivity.  As I have gotten older fewer of these power bursts fuel the work that needs to be done.  As a result more unfinished projects,  delayed maintenance and piles and piles of essential (?) stuff has accumulated.  With a new Master Plan for RV travel, liquidating assets to prepare for full time RVing is essential.  I have lots of work to do!  My usual pattern is to wait until panic sets in and run off the energy of the moment.  I seriously doubt I can produce the amount of panic or adrenalin required for all the tasks to be done.

Maybe I need a different strategy to prepare for the life changes coming my way.
 New plan.... 
Do something everyday that leads towards my goal.     Maybe some days I'll do more but I'm committing to at least doing one thing each day.  Clean out a closet, the dreaded craft (read crap) room, the garage, barns, sheds, it all needs it's day of purging.  Not all the tasks are cleaning and purging of course, planning for the farm animals, and there is research and paperwork to be done.  I have a question for all of you who have taken the leap into full time RVing......

What was the task that was hardest for you to get done to ready for a life of RVing?  

One thing is clear, today is the day to begin.    

Thought for the Day:

Take time to be deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in."        Napoleon Bonaparte 

Procrastination Funnies:


  1. The hardest part for me was getting the house ready for sale. It meant I couldn't relax on any of the days I had off from work. It was worth it, but it was exhausting.

    1. I'm dreading that process... But it offers the most freeing opportunity.... I will no longer be enslaved to all the work not to mention the money that it requires!!

  2. I posted a comment about just this thing the other day, and lost it. FlyLady ( I think) when she was first starting out talked about how she cleared an entire junk room by taking one thing out each day and making a decision on it. My way is to start putting like things with like - you know, all those hammers, scissors, tape that you have stashed here and there? Put them together in one place and see that you really don't need 3 hammers, etc.

    Hardest? A 1906 wind-up Victrola that was my Dad's, bought for him when he was a teenager. It's in the storage unit. Along with my Hoosier cabinet that I bought at the estate auction held at my first house I bought before I took possession. Neither really will fit into an RV.

    I find it easier to start at the edges, the back closets and storage sheds that hold stuff I haven't used/seen for awhile. But you are right about one thing for sure, the important thing is to just START!

    (off to do some decluttering and unpacking myself now)

  3. I too have a lot of memory fill family items.... they will go into storage. Thanks for your comments, they really are helping to get me started. Today, I'm purging the exercise clothing drawer..... I never even open that drawer!!! lol

  4. Well, as Ed Abbey said, "I don't work well under pressure, I work only under pressure." That would be me, too. :)

    The hardest thing? I had already sold my house, but I kept renting and moving all my junk around, gradually getting rid of more with each move. I wish now I'd just gotten rid of it all in one fell swoop and bought an RV then and there instead of renting, but I had no idea what I was doing, since I never plan anything much. It was ahrd to get rid of some family antiques, but they all found homes eventually.

  5. I'm retiring July 1st (last day of school May 23rd), and I'm hoping that I can financially "swing" to keep my townhome. I'm going to travel for awhile, and my plan is to live here for one half of the year. However, if I find the right rig I might be tempted to be a full-timer.

  6. It took us a long, hard month of cleaning out everything. We should've - could've started earlier but just couldn't get energetic enough. Needed the 'gun' to motivate us. I managed to clean out ONE area per day, like our walk-in closet or the bathroom, or hall closet. Started making 'piles' of those like items, give away, throw away, store, or take. The initial trick was finding a staging area for those piles. It expanded as we progressed. I used CraigsList & Free Cycle to give away usable but old & unneeded items. We also waited until we'd collected all the 'take' items before packing them into the trailer or pickup shell. Kind of like giving birth: definitely not a fun activity but such a great feeling afterward!

  7. Some people can wait and take everything to donate all at once. I'm not that way. If I see too large a pile of stuff leaving I get second thoughts and I can sense my hand clenching around the stuff to hang on to it. Better for me to have lots of small piles leave as I go along. I don't get a sense of 'loss', and only see the open spaces left behind.

  8. You have all been so encouraging but I must admit I have been bad. My name is Karen and I am a procrastinator. I have already fallen behind. So today the pressure is on..... catch up day!
    shame..... shame.....shame

  9. Start where you are, you are not behind.