Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I am drawn to the River

I once met a woman visiting Spokane who couldn't believe how the residents of the Lilac City are so fascinated by the Spokane River.  She commented,  we act as if we were the only city with a river running through it.  It is true, we are obsessed with the River.

The Spokane River is a part of our history, our celebrations and our souls, our inner being.  It was a local gathering place for area Native American Tribes as they caught and dried fish.  Early settlers used the falls to power mills and generate power.  There is now a Centennial Trail that follows along the river for 60 miles that people use for biking, running, walking and riding horses. The river seems to change with each bend as well as the seasons.

Below are pictures very close to where I live.

This old tree is a sign of days gone by.  Rare is the day without a bird in its branches

 Snow melt has caused the river banks to swell and flood. 


The plants change from season to season marking the passage of time.

Flowers always make me smile!


The river and I are evolving  and constantly changing.
The river reminds me of all these changes and I am renewed.


  1. Oh, you're in Spokane! For some reason, I thought you were back East, maybe all the lush greenery. I love rivers, though I can't swim and am afraid of water, though I will go out on a boat. HAve you ever heard Roger Miller's song, River in the Rain? It's really cool, won a Grammy or something, from his play about Huck Finn.


  2. River in the rain would cover us this Spring. The rainiest in history! Much greener than usual. But sun shining now!! I sure look forward to your comments. So encouraging!

  3. I enjoyed your pictures. It has been many years since we have visited Spokane but I remember the river and thought the city park was nice.