Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vintage Trailers at Rosaly Trailer Rally

Vintage Trailers and girl fun galore!

My granddaughter left for a week with her Grandfather to visit my daughter (her Aunt and family) in Connecticut and I headed out for a week of girl fun with Sisters on the Fly, a wonderful group of women campers that truly know how to have a great party....

I started my 8 day fun fest with a visit to the Roslyn Vintage Trailer Rally.  Roslyn is a city in Kittitas County, Washington, United States. The population was 893 at the 2010 census. Roslyn in located in the Cascade Mountains, about 80 miles east of Seattle. The town was founded in 1886 as a coal mining company town.

 While I was here for the rally the weather was rainy and if it wasn't raining the wind was blowing but it is always fun to see what different trailers come each year.

This little unique vintage cutie was homemade and contains most everything one needs.

This little trailer came into camp listing with broken leaf springs.  A few trips into town and the gentleman in camp had it upright and ready for the trip home.

A little fiberglass popup cutie

This is a family event and it is easy to see the male influence as tow vehicle is as important as the trailer selection.

Check out the hatchet for the entry handle by the door.

This is a trailer I could live in....
It is a beauty!!

After the trailer showing on Saturday there was a talent show.  One of my friends did a Cowboy Poetry number that was a hit!!  Way to go Kim!!

The Trailerites 

The next morning there was a wonderful Farmers Market in Roslyn

The sun was shining and it was a wonderful place to refresh fresh produce. 

Nearby is the Easton Ponds a great place to kayak the joining ponds. 

A number of the Sisters on the Fly stayed over at Lake Easton State Park for a couple of days until it was time to go on to the NorthWest Gathering.

This is the spot that we enjoyed the beautiful full moon and lots of great potluck eating!


  1. Fun! Love love love the trailer pics!

  2. Oh what fun. I love the first little trailer, perfect for one and a little doxie. All the trailers are great.