Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Good Night Moon

There are moments I feel so blessed to be in the right spot at just the right moment.

There was no special planning involved

But rather,just being watchful

and present in the moment

For this very moment....

Will never come again.

Good Night Moon

June 20, 2016
Lake Easton, Washington State
Summer Solstice, Strawberry Moon


  1. these photos are beautiful, and inspire me to paint! thank you!

  2. You sure did capture the entire thing how beautiful. It was still in the trible digits that night so I just didn't leave the house. But at least I enjoyed your pictures. thanks

  3. This is a gorgeous post bor w9rds aND pictures. What a wonderful spot to be in to celebrate the solstice. I'm mighty envious.

  4. Great shots. Thanks for sharing your moment.