Saturday, July 2, 2016

NorthWest Gathering 2016 New Adventures, New Friends

I have belonged to the organization called Sisters on the Fly (an awesome women's camping/adventure group)for a couple of years.  And I have hung out with these great gals at some camping events for four years.  I love this group of gals. Not only are they dedicated to helping women explore the joys of camping and getting out in the great outdoors, they spread love, compassion and just plain sisterhood to members that now total over 7000 strong across the USA and even some groups around the world.  A lot of my can do attitude comes from these gals and they had me solo camping and backing up my trailer in no time.....  While most of the women have cute little vintage trailers, women are welcomed to camp in anything they feel comfortable in including a tent, car or now for me my 20 year old Class B Motorhome, a Roadtrek.

My Roadtrek decked out for fun
 While I have camped with these wonderful women at local events, this year I attended my first regional larger event.  I have hesitated as I generally do not feel super comfortable in large groups but since I have met a number of women who would be attending and it is only 175 miles away in Cle Elum ,  I  was game to have a new experience.

I arrived early and volunteered to help if they had a great sit down job for me to do and before long I was out at the road directing traffic to the ranch where we would be parked for the five day event.  The surprising thing to me, was how many of the participants I had already met at past events.

There were Sister on the Fly members from California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Canada.  I felt like I met most of the gals as I gave the directions.  I held a red umbrella and wore a cowgirl hat.....just think of Mary Poppins in a Cowgirl hat!! 
Sorry, no pictures of this fashion statement mistake.

 What a great way to feel comfortable in a new situation!

 There were classes to choose from.....

Ukulele lessons on the green
Masterpieces waiting to be claimed by their artists
Mig on the left was our master instructor
This is as close to my masterpiece as you will ever get!   

Wine Tasting and another night Beer Tasting

Activities to choose from....

Horses ready for their riders

There were also fly fishing trips for those fisherwomen.....
There was hikes, and of course a bit of shopping in near by Historic Rosalyn and Cle Elm.
There was even a swimming pool for sunworshippers at the ranch!!.

And then there was the food.... 

What a pleasure for women to come to a wonderful event for five days and NOT have to plan or cook a meal.  The cooks planned for every possible meal needs and we enjoyed every bite!!

The catered barbecue included the crowd pleaser.....dutch oven berry or apple cobbler

One fun dinner was attended by Mad Hatters....

 Another night a silent auction and a live auction raised $11,000 for a local woman's charity

The final night was the Cowgirl Ball

My friend Linda.... My vote for the belle of the ball

 I left Northwest Gathering having strengthen old friendships and build new ones...

The two Karen's    

Thanks to all who made this event an AWESOME experience!

As the sun set on SOTF Northwest Gathering 2016 I can surely say.....
I can't wait to attend another


  1. They always have so much fun at these events. I have the little yellow trailer the lady has on her hat. I found it at Walgreens, I snatched it so fast I left a wind behind. glad you had a good time.

  2. Oh, what fun! Our trailer is 'finally' put back together, now prepping for painting:) I can hardly wait to get back to camping.