Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Keeping On, Keeping On.... and other Winter Ramblings

It seems last year I spent all winter resisting nesting and settling in.  My life seemed focused on living a mobile life while home based in a wintery location.  I sought out like minded outdoors people and followed new trails while planning for the escapes in the Spring and Summer.

If you have been following along for awhile, we have had some grand escapades and before you begin to worry we will again.  However, I find myself not working so hard at it.  Taking each day as it comes is my present motto.

Is this a sign that I have given up the dream of full time travel 
simply a sign that I have settled in to a life that is different than I planned?

When I had a sticks and bricks house to maintain, a job, mini farm and foster children, a great deal of effort and money went into maintaining a home and family.  Get-always were always on the back burner and complicated to orchestrate.  A willing neighbor feed the barnyard crew but their was always so much to catch up with upon  our return.  While most of those responsibilities are behind me now, I at times find myself feeling like I am living in limbo. I know that my simplified life will allow us to travel again.

For now, a granddaughter who longs for roots and belonging in a school community hold us stationery for now during the school year.  We have been making changes to our stationery nest (carpeting in my room and decorating for the holidays) and attending church with Auntie.  After thanksgiving we again made a meal for a church sponsored homeless effort.   

Last spring and summer we were able to travel and fulfill some of my travel dreams. A trip to Utah and trip around Washington State satisfied for a time the wanderlust that I have always felt.  I struggled with  the physical demands of travel and hiking due to previous injuries.  So this fall during our stationery time, I have decided to address getting into better shape so that the injuries don't prevent me from doing the activities that I desire.  Trips to the doctor have resulted in physical therapy to try and strengthen injured areas. Therapy is certainly painful, but  I am hopeful that it will help.  We shall see.....

During the Christmas holidays, we are planning a trip to White Bird, Idaho to where the trailer is wintering.  We will be on winter storm watch so that we travel when the passes are clear of ice and snow. We hope to enjoy a winter holiday.   So far, no snow so I am praying for NO snow so I can be a happy camper!

Last year at this time I was moving into a carved out spot in the basement to capture some needed private space.  This year there is new carpet and Christmas decorations.  I do believe I am settling in.                           But then again....
                                                 my mind wanders to Spring....
                                                                                              to adventures yet to come.

            Long winter nights leave to much time for thinking.....


  1. Sometimes we need to make adjustments, that is not giving up, just going with the flow. My RV life is different than I originally planned but I am still extremely happy with my decision to move out of Illinois. Merry Christmas and safe holiday travels to you

  2. You have done such a wonderful job of focusing on your granddaughter's needs and putting your own life aside for them. I hope she will forever appreciate what you have done for her. Also hope that the PT will have the results you are seeking.

  3. I agree, you haven't given up the dream, just postponed it. I do have such respect for you - I don't know if I'm unselfish enough to have changed my life like you are doing. You're building up mega Karma for when you need it. I'm glad you are making a more comfortable nest for yourself while you are there. You deserve it, and it's not forever. :)

  4. I agree with the others. I know it's hard but she is growing into a beautiful and smart young lady. The time will fly by and before you know it she will unfold her wings and fly off to her own adventures in life.
    I myself am on hold for now. I will no matter what leave here in Jan. for Yuma and who knows where from there.
    I hope you enjoy your winter get away and have a wonderful Holiday!

  5. Thanks each one of you for your continuing support and encouragement. It seems like a support network for me and a link to the life I love. I believe you create the village of support you need and you are all part of mine....Many thanks!!

  6. Oh, how I do agree. I was ready to take off to the river yesterday....these warm temps just pull me there. But since I was just there I will have to wait. Such a long drive.

    I am glad that you are just a little settled as that should help your spirits. It must be hard. Glad that you are getting some physical therapy, hope it helps.

    You have had to make some very difficult choices this last year, I don't envy you at all. Very tough time but going with the flow and making the best of it seems to be your forte. Someday this will all be worth it...ha!