Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finding a little Ho, Ho, Ho

While maintaining a large house, farm animals, a job and growing children, it was difficult to do all the things I wanted to do around the holidays.  Sometimes my Ho, Ho, Ho got lost in all the frenzied preparations.  The list of all the things that make a perfect Christmas grew longer and longer.

December 18, 2008 

I lead a simpler life today. 

Yet, the dream of making a gingerbread house has remained. 

I dreamed of a beautiful house covered in candies sitting in the center of our table but it was always bumped down the list by other pressing activities. One year I even made the gingerbread walls, gathered the candies and yet, the house remained in pieces....

Saturday, I woke up ready to embrace creating a Christmas Vision I have long held. 

Rather than risking not getting to the creation step this year, I decided to jump to the building step.  This year I gathered graham crackers, candies and whipped up a batch of Royal Frosting and set out to build a Christmas Trailer much like my own little Lolita.

                                                          Royal Frosting -  Whip together
                                                                       2 egg whites
                                                               3 cups powdered sugar
                                                  a little water to desired consistency

 Gluing the graham crackers together using Frosting. 

I piped on frosting for the vertical walls before construction of the wee trailer house.  Apply candy quickly as the frosting drys hard in just a few minutes.

 After several hours of work, this was the finished product.  While it resembles Lolita.... I must admit it looked a little like a fourth grader made it.  SO...............

The next day, I made another wee Christmas trailer.

While I visualized making this in my trailer one day..... (all the better without the baking stage) I have also decided that postponing activities to someday  only leads to disappointment and dreams deferred. 

While not quite the reality to match my "Christmas Vision", I have embraced my inner fourth grader and have my wee little Lolita! 

 Today was a fine day to enjoy the Christmas Spirit!!


  1. I love your wee Lolita's. Good for you for not holding yourself to some "standard" of perfection and for not waiting until some day. I can hear in your post how much fun you had. And I think your finished product looks fantastic.

  2. Oh, so cute. Great detail, even propane tanks, lol.

  3. I love it, it's Fabulous! What fun an not only 1 but 2!

  4. Oh, my, that is just adorable!! I am so impressed! Love the marshmallow propane tanks! Very creative! I can't imagine that I could even create a shack, much less a replica of my Winnie, so take a bow!

  5. So cute! Wow, we live in Washington State too and we have no snow . . . at least not at the moment :)

  6. Love your Lolita's--they're beautiful! You're so right--tomorrow never comes so make your dreams happen now! About a year ago, two of our neighbors (and we live on a short road with not many houses so those guys were like 15% of our road population) had emergency cardiac surgery. Neither of them had been symptomatic. About 2 weeks later, I decided to retire in a year. December 31st is my last day & we hit the road (not FT) shortly after that. Neither of us wants to live with regrets or should-haves. Are you girls going to get out & travel this winter? I sure hope you get the opportunity to do so. Merry Christmas!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, The Back Porch View. Yes we will be doing a bit of traveling after the Big Day, Christmas but of course limited by school schedules. You are so right Dawn, do not postpone doing the things you love. So glad to hear you treasuring the moments you have now and making them memories! Merry Christmas to each of you too I do appreciate each of your comments!!