Saturday, February 22, 2014

Does This Ever Happen To You?

I headed out for Coffee.  I had no other plans when I turned the ignition on the truck.  I wasn't more than a few blocks from the coffee shop when one thing led to another and I was headed out of town.  It was 7:00 AM so it was too early to call home and let them know what fool thing I was up too and of course I didn't even know what fool thing I was up to yet.  I just know the truck led out of town.

I headed out looking for a vista to enjoy the sunrise.... but that didn't happen, as the sunrise was covered in clouds and not photo worthy.  Another time.

But since I was out and about I thought I would see what there was to see this chilly morning.

Spook giving me stink eye!!

Spokane sits in a valley with steep hillsides to the north and south.  As I emerged on the north side of the valley I was rewarded with a sunny view of Mt Spokane, an extinct volcano about 30 miles north of Spokane.

Mount Spokane on the right and Mt Kit Carson on the left.

Auntie refer to Mount Spokane as the Ice Cream Cone.   I winded up the mountain to enjoy the blue sky and sunny views.

Bear Creek Lodge
The lodge has rooms to rent, a restaurant, a tubing hill amidst a winter wonderland.

It sounds like they have a decent menu and like it might make a fun place for a destination dinner.

I think I might like to try it out soon.  During the summer they have a small RV Park although it is very near the road and seems to all park in a row without trees or landscaping between sites.  Not my kind of camping.  I would have to check it out during the summer when you can get through the snow to investigate.

Part of the rope tow on tubing hill

Down the tubing hill

A creek along side the sledding hill area.

Lots of noise while kids are waiting for ski lessons.

Spokane in the distance

Spook is a cat that talks to me a lot.  I talk to her.  She answers.
What do you think Spook has to say here?

I go for coffee..... who knows what will happen.

Do you plan out your whole day or do you find yourself in unplanned places?


  1. Really lovely pictures of the mountain. I always have good intentions every day and a sort of list in my head but then........things happen.

  2. I think the unplanned places sometimes end up being the best places.

  3. I love spontaneity! Looks like you had a great "coffee run" and ended up with some great photos. I think Spook may be got your coffee, now where's my tuna danish?

  4. There's nothing like a good ramble, especially an unplanned one!

  5. I used to do that a lot. And as I sit here reading this I am wondering why not so much anymore. I guess I have seen all there is to see here. But as soon as I finish this darn mess I volunteered for I will take a nice ride like you did.

    You seem to have had a wonderful morning for yourself. Nice going.