Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wallowa Mountains Escape, Part 2

So begins a great day on the Mountain.  We begin our day with a ride up the Tram on Mt Howard.  Normally I'm not big on tourist attractions but this NOT TO BE MISSED trip up to the top of the world was spectacular. ($23.00 senior price)  The Tram  takes us up to the 8,150 foot elevation.   There just steps away is the Summit Grill where we had breakfast of hash browns eggs and gravy for $3.00. 

Breakfast at the top of the world

After breakfast it was time for the hiking.  There are 2 1/2 miles of trails to gain another 150 feet of elevation.  You go up and down the 150 feet rise in elevation many times as you hike around the crown of the mountain.

360 degree views from the top...       

From the mountain top, the 5 mile long Lake Wallowa seems but a puddle.

Auntie hiked some of the trails....
and was as anxious as was I to see what lay
beyond the next crest.  I hope that
I am able to explore life's vistas
at 85 years young.

In the forested part of the mountain there were many uprooted dead trees.  The root systems were lateral with no roots running deep thus allowing the trees to be uprooted by the wind.  They lay with roots upright like driftwood sprawled on a ocean beach.


Even mid-August flowers were found the the top of the mountain.
Butterflies fluttered from flower to flower basking in the summer sun.

Time for a rest with Chippie

View from the Tram

Horse Pack Camp

A friendly reminder at horse Camp

 A smokey Forest Fire from Central Washington provided a spectacular Sunset to end our journey.

till next time.....


  1. Breakfast on top of the world sounds fantastic! What fun for you both. I too hope I can be hiking at 85. That's some Auntie you have.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love Wallowa Lake but have never taken the tram. My daughter and family did this summer and they exclaimed about it as well. Next time, I'm going!!!