Thursday, August 23, 2012

Manito Park

A while back I decided to see many of the local sights that I often neglect as they are always available.  Isn't it funny how it often takes a visitor to our area to point out the local sights that we have never seen or take time for?  So this summer I have been determined to see many of my favorite sights and also the sights that I keep putting off until another day.

This day I am making a tour of local parks.  So here are my finds for today.

A rose garden, full of beautiful specimens

today's favorite rose

A perennial garden 

A globe thistle

A Quail willing to pose if I just leave her babies alone

A fountain dedicated to a relative cousin - a woman before her time

Japanese Gardens

Serene setting

Beautiful waterfall

Glazier Arboretum


Cacti garden
a moment to reflect

A trip to a duck pond

The Formal Gardens
Auntie and I at Duncan Gardens

 Lunch at the Park Bench

The very best part is all of these wonderful sights and experiences are at one Park,  Manito Park in Spokane, Washington, a wonderful day for anyone. 



  1. I am enjoying your blog! Keep writing and taking pictures!

  2. Thanks Miss Cori, I waiting for more pics of your trailer and paint job!! We need to get together!

  3. Beautiful flowers. You're right, we don't take advantage of our own backyard. We appreciated Pensacola more when we went back as tourists after being gone for 3 years.

  4. You brought back some beautiful memories, not the least of which was one of my daughter's wedding back in 1988 at that very park. Lovely!

  5. and! the perennial gardens at Manitou inspired my gardens for almost 40 years. Probably one of the best perennial gardens in the west, bar none.

  6. Great idea to do a through lookabout of your own area before hitting the road. Love the picture of you and Auntie. What fun!

  7. Those are some great pictures. Love the roses. I'll have to write down that park to visit if we are ever that way - just beautiful.