Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring - Breaking Act 1

After a  long, long winter, I was ready for a break away.  Though weather reports had a dubious forecast I was ready for Hailey's arrival from school heralding the beginning of Spring Break.

No great plans just experiencing nature with a few new goals in mind. 

We headed out to Spring canyon where we started our Spring Break last year.  Once again we had a choice of campsites ($4.50 senior discount winter rates) and quickly settled in for a bought of poor weather.  Since the weather reports were for freezing weather each night I left the Roadtrek winterized so we brought along bottled water.  It was a minor inconvenience but we stayed toasty warm with the furnace at night.

We had one rainy day and another windy day but was able to get out each day for short hikes.  Spring Canyon sits at the bottom of the Canyon overlooking the back of Grand Coulee Dam which makes a scenic view from camp complete with twinkly lights at night.   We went on the trail to the top of the overlook one afternoon (see the center peak in the above picture) and found a number of spring flowers peaking out for their first spring appearances.

 View from the top of the canyon, an easy climb.  The smell of sweet mock orange and sage was in the air.....a heavenly scent.

With sunset views like this....who can resist!!

As long as I have been coming to Central Washington camping I have wanted to climb Steam Boat Rock.  The timing never seemed right.  It was too hot, rattlesnakes were out, hip or back were hurting.  I always had a reason.  This year I decided I was going to do it,  if I couldn't make it I could always return.  But I reasoned,  If I don't do it now, would I ever be able to?
So we made plans to move to Steamboat Rock Area.  

After a wonderful barbecue dinner with a camping friend and her husband.  She told me of an eagles nest nearby so we would be searching for the nest and be moving camp to our new beach front property at Jones Bay the next morning.  It was previously a BLM campground but now is managed by Washington State.  ($7.50 senior/winter rates)  No services but great views! 
The first night we stayed on the south side of the campground as the north side was still closed from winter.  We didn't have a view of Steamboat Rock but had a 'private beach'.

A sunset hike was beautiful....staying for the sunset meant a precarious hike back to camp with fading light.  Not my best planning but I can't help myself 'I need five more minutes', seems to be my motto.  We chatted with nearby campers who were at Banks Lake for fishing. 


The next day we went for a drive and scoped out the SteamBoat hike and talked with the rangers and found out the best route for the hike.  We were told the snakes and ticks were not out yet.
 No snakes....this is the year!   Tomorrow is the DAY!

 ~ Happy Trails ~


  1. I'm so happy you and Haley, were able to go camping. From Hailey's clothes it must have been really nice out during the day.
    Can't wait to hear about the hike

    1. Certainly not short worthy in my book!!

  2. Sweet memories for spring break that's your granddaughter will have... one that she will want to remember... not like some other Spring AKA grammynmaggie

    1. I certainly hope she will have good memories of our travels!!

  3. Hard to believe it was freezing at night with those beautiful flowers and Hailey in shorts and no sleeves. Beautiful pictures.