Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Break - The Finale

Early Morning Steamboat Rock

The next morning my morning coffee time was consumed with watching my eagle tree. 
 I got a great view of the nest but no eagles.  

 No coming, no going......

 Is that a head I spy?

We waited, and waited, and waited......

No eagles to be seen.

Finally we decided to move on.  As I started up the engine a large shadow went over us.  I stepped out of the van and snapped parting  picture.

I could have sat for days staring at THE ROCK and the nest all day,  but I think the eagles were glad to see us go.
Take good care of those babies.

So we found our eagle....and we found the ticks too.  Last count 4 ticks , all on me.  That is what I get for loving the outdoors.

We found showers at Northrup Canyon Point Fishing access.  We each had a glorious hot shower for $1.00.  It is amazing how wonderful a hot shower feels. Ahhh, it is the little things in life that are most appreciated.

We head out for a new location  Pot Holes State Park and I am wanting to explore the Columbia Wildlife National Refuge...... and I'm on to a new search....for Sand Cranes.  

Before arriving at our destination we take a wrong turn.... and image.... found interesting history!

Out in the middle of No Where surrounded by farmers fields ready for spring planting we found the remains of a days gone by community center.   All that remains is the community center which appears to still be in use.

On down the road is one of my favorite old abandoned one room schoolhouse.

My Maternal Grand mother was a teacher in one room school houses in Eastern Washington in the 1920's so I always consider it a special find when I come across a school house that is still standing.


We checked out a few dispersed campsites but ended up landing in Pot Holes State Park for the night for $25.00.  This place is really hopping during the summer months with boaters, fisherman water skiers, jet skiers.  On the opposite side of the Reservoir are stand dunes and the boater head out to the dunes for a days fun...... So much activity!! 

 A sky full of color.

We scored another beach front property.  Good Morning World!

I'm up before dawn and ready to explore the Wildlife Refuge.   

It has entrances near our campground so we get an early start and enjoy the solitude in Refuge. 

During early spring the Refuge and nearby lakes and farmers fields are a stop over for approximately 17,000 Sand Cranes where they eat and store up energy for the remainder of their trip to Alaska and points north.

 As we drive and hike through the Wildlife 33,000 acre refuge, I am stunned by the wildness and the quietness.   I am reminded of the recent Wildlife Refuge in Oregon that was held hostage by out of state protesters.  Ranchers and farmers may have issues with the government as they hold vast expanses of wild territory in trust.    am thankful for the opportunity to experience these wild places. 

While there is very little evidence of man in this area.....There is evidence of use and abuse by man. 

 Why? Why? Why?

The sign is riddled with bullet holes.

 I for one am thankful for the opportunity to experience these wild places.  A part of my soul  is set free in each of these remote spaces and I am grateful that the National Refuges remain open for creatures large and small. 

There are more roads to explore in the area and I will be back for a gals camping weekend in the fall and look forward to many more jaunts exploring this wild place. 

Sad note, the only sand cranes seen were birds immortalized on signs. 

I shall find my cranes......Another day......Another Challenge

We headed to Palouse Falls, a beautiful wonder that we enjoy each spring runoff when the volume of water is tremendous.   Nice idea but the reality is horrible.  There were a few hundred other folks with the same idea on a sunny weekend morning.  I could not find a parking spot.... so we moved on.  Lesson learned.....AVOID high interest places on weekends at ALL costs.
Rather than camp at the Falls for the night in all the bedlam....we waved good bye to all the idiot drivers crawling like ants in search of their next meal, we decided to head on home.  

It is a nice drive through sage covered coulees and the rolling farm lands of the Palouse.  Two wonderful campgrounds that were nearby have been closed due to state cost saving measures, leaving only fishing access point to camp along the river.  Very disappointing to not have available camping in the area. 

Heading on home we found one last site worth investigating in the tiny town of Dusty.  We drove on past, and circled back for a closer look. 

Sorry for the poor quality of the inside pics.  I loved seeing this tiny house that is made all green products.  I could definitely see myself settling into one of these when my traveling days are done.

Thus ends the Spring Break Adventure......Come on Summer!!

~~ Happy Trails ~~


  1. My dream is to photograph an Bald Eagle what a beautiful picture you captured. All the pictures are great but that one is just everything. It was a great trip and you stayed at some really nice places. The old school house was wonderful

  2. Wow, that was some finale. You do make the most of your trips. That is one of the best bald eagle pictures I have ever seen. Waterfront campsites make me swoon. Actually I don't feel sorry for what I consider free loading ranchers on government land. Thank goodness for government land or everything would be over grazed and over developed. As you so wisely said, we need quiet and natural beauty as food for the soul

  3. Beautiful pictures you took ! I LOVE your van conversion, too bad they don't make that way any longer !!
    Happy trails & keep enjoying the road, many of us for whatever reason can't do so...