Thursday, February 26, 2015

Look What Followed Me Home

I've been looking at options for travel for some time as hitching and lifting have become more difficult for me.  I love the charm of my vintage trailer but moving it on a daily or near daily basis is more than I can do.  No matter which way I go there are compromises to make, advantages and disadvantages.  Am I ready to make those compromises?

 1996 RoadTrek 210 Popular

I want a rig that is self-contained and small enough to navigate easily in traffic as I am hoping to make a cross country trip this summer that will take me through major cities.  If it doesn't come oozing with charm, I can infuse some charm as I outfit it and dress it up.  So I have been looking.....

Class B's seem to fit the bill for me at this time.  

I was concerned that it might be to small......Till I got in.  
It is 21 feet long and every single inch is usable from the driver and passenger seat that swivel around to the very back door.  Lolita has 13 feet.... so this is quite a bit longer.

The other thing I love about this Road Trek is that it really lives up to its name Versatile

It can be set up with a table in the front or back or both as there are two tables.

There are three rooms...... :)   

The front cabin area has 4 captain seats 

The entire midsection has a drop down floor which easily accommodates a six foot adult and has a vinyl floor and drain in the middle to allow for the shower when the shower curtain is attached to the ceiling snaps.  The

The midsection contains the kitchen...
tiny but sufficient, with a microwave, toaster over and 2 burner stove.

There is air conditioning and a newly rebuilt generator with 2 new batteries.
I also have a portable solar panel that will be helpful to keep the batteries charged when boondocking.

 Opposite the galley kitchen is the bathroom and closet.

 This coach has 2 showers, one outside.

I'm thinking of using stacking vinyl draws on the step to the right of the marine toilet instead of using this space as a place to hang clothes.  The clothes hamper will ride on top of the potty when driving and on the floor in front of the passenger seat when parked.

This is my favorite sleeping arrangement.

I call it a modified twin set up.

It is the king set up in the back with the feet cut out which allows access to two drawers below the beds for shoes.
It is wide where you need the width at your shoulders and hips....narrow at the feet.

The little nightstand shown between the pillows is moveable and can be used anywhere in the cabin for a little extra counter table or in this case a nightstand.

It takes less than one minute to turn this sleeping area back to two couches and a table.  I'm not sure that I'll be needing to change back and forth very often and it will be nice for me to be able to lay down when my back needs a rest.

The thought and engineering that went into the building of these coaches is remarkable.  I still keep finding new little hiding spots and cubbies for storing more gear.

I don't think I will sell Lolita, just yet.  I want to be sure that I will be happy rolling down the road in this new little home.  I have lots to figure out.

If you are interested here is a short  video that shows a Roadtrek similar to mine.

LOL, I even learned a few new things watching the video!

Hmmmmmmm.... What shall I call my new Home Sweet Rolling Home.


  1. This is exactly what I'm wanting to end up with, a class B RV. You could even pull the little trailer with it if you really wanted room. :) Since it is a van it is (I assume from what I've read) easier to stealth camp in an urban environment, either in a parking lot or on a quiet side street. I keep a lookout for good places to park overnight around me here in Phoenix as you just never know when one will follow you home...

    1. Who knows maybe someday.....I'll show up at your door too!

  2. Wow that was a fast solution to your problem. Good for you. Looks perfect.

  3. Wow, you life just keeps rolling down the road with side trips, constantly. I can hardly keep up with you! I love it that you seem to have found the perfect rig, hope it lives up to your dreams.

  4. Congrats! Class B van conversions are pretty cool. Very versatile and you can go almost anywhere you want with it. Great for boondocking and urban camping.

  5. Lola! shorter name for a bigger rig...enjoy your new home on wheels

  6. That looks perfect for you! Maybe we'll get to see it sometime this summer.

  7. That's certainly better than having a stray dog follow you home. :)

    1. For sure the kitties wouldn't be happy with a dog in the van!

  8. Congratulations! It's beautiful and should be much easier for you to use.

  9. That looks REALLY nice. I was recently in Kim's RoadTrek and the arrangement looks the same, if I'm remembering right. That's a really nice set up. RoadTrek does a great job. I hope it will be perfect for you! :)

  10. OH that is perfect! and what I am also wanting. I would even be willing to sell my truck and just have the class b as my full time vehicle It can't use that much more gas than my truck... well maybe a little more.
    Have fun with it I know it will make traveling that much easier for you.

  11. That looks wonderful. I had a friend I camped with in the mid 90's and she had one of these. We had a great time in it all over Southern Utah. Congrats on a great rig! Perfect solution.

  12. Congratulations. I like my 20 foot Roadtrek although it has a few issues due to old age. A leak on the storage pod on the driver's side. Numerous fixes has not worked. I have the twin beds but no back door. And only three chairs up front.
    I belong to a Yahoo Roadtrek group that is Very helpful for us with older rigs needing some minor changes and fixes. Search "roadtrek group" on Yahoo, It is a private group to avoid spam and such but lots of helpful people. They have a weekend get together in September in Oregon.
    Mileage on mine is about 11 mpg.

  13. Congratulations! I originally wanted a Class B but my current RV is a B+, but I think I will eventually end up with something like your Roadtrek.

  14. That looks like a great vehicle and one that I have considered, even recently. I look forward to seeing photos of your travels in the new rig.

  15. What an incredible setup! I can't believe how much is packed into that little space. I had seen them at campgrounds, but never had the chance to see an interior. Thanks for sharing.