Monday, November 18, 2013

Day Trippin...

I woke up to a bright blue sky begging me to get to going.
Alas it is Sunday and Hailey is playing in the band for Sunday morning service, so that means we will be getting a later start than I would like.

I put on some eggs to boil for lunch sandwiches (lunches on the go are always challenging with a vegetarian in our ranks) and then we are off.   A late start....the sun is now hidden behind winter clouds, but we are off for an adventure just the same.

Of course, I needed to get gas so we headed of to Idaho to fill up.

I think I am going to throw a party.

Price today..... $2.99.  I can't remember the last time it was under $3.00 a gallon.  Since I drive a full size truck now, I pay attention to these things.

One of the challenges for Day Trippin during the winter months are the repeat of familiar territory to get to new and interesting destinations.  Though I love the journey, the explorer in me is always seeking the new and different.

Today's journey starts in  Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and follows along Highway 95, a path I have travel before.  It is not a fast road with many bends and curves.  At places it has turn off to travel along the lake.  And of course we must check for wildlife along the lake.  

We were able to see a shy blue heron.  He would not cooperate for pictures however.  I slowed down.... he flew off.  Guess he hates lookie loos.

Except for a few flocks of ducks it was pretty quiet.... No pelicans today, guess they have all moved on.

I do enjoy watching the change of seasons and how it plays out in the landscape.

  Last time I was here, it was alive with fall colors.  Fall has faded except for a few lone leaves and snow is present (yes the Evil White Stuff)

We made a stop along a railroad that collapsed in 2006.  A crane was traveling on a working trail car across the expanse and when the trestle callapsed and crane fell into the Lake Benewah.

 The section in the middle (shown above)  where the color changes from dark to light is the section that collapsed and was later repaired.

picture from the internet

 Fortunately the water was shallow and the workman were unhurt

It took several months for repairs, but it looks as good as new now.
   But I remember.

Every where you turn is another story.

Without leaves to provide cover, the entrance to the St Joe River is visible.

 If you have a boat or kayak you are able to travel far up the St Joe River.

The beginning of the river follows a channel near the end of two lakes Round Lake and Lake Chatcolet until it enters the wilds of the St Joe Forest.

We travel away from the lakes and byways and return to farm land deep in the Palouse farming valleys of Washington State.  One of the problems of day trippin this time of year is the shortening day... the shortened time of light for pictures and just plain seeing.

Though we are traveling in hilly farm land dotted with trees and little farms we are treated with glimps of sunset.

Do you see the horse being chased by fire?

And so are we..... chased by the setting sun into the darkness and home.



  1. Great afternoon - beautiful photos, as usual. Always makes me wish I were there, too.

  2. Always wanted to go to Coeur d' Alene. Just like the name. :)

  3. You day trip looks a lot more interesting than mine. I drove to Quartzsite yesterday. Not sure what I was expecting, but 2 hours of drivng through empty desert on a straight interstate to not much to see, turn around and drive 2 hours back. All I got was tired. Even seeing the naked bookseller (see RV Sue's blog recently) in person didn't cheer me up much. Petting the bookstore cat there was the highlight of the day. But, I guess getting to pet a cat is worth the 4 hours of driving time.

    1. Gosh, I have kitties to pet.... anytime. I always seem to find something to focus my attention and camera on... Even when I have been there before.... But I think I just might have dropped the camera at the bookstore!!

  4. Wow under $3.00 is amazing. Wish I were closer. $3.39 here. For vegetarian sandwiches try hummas with spinach and tomato on toasted whole grain bread. We find it yummy. Really gorgeous pictures. You had quite an outing. You are doing a wonderful job of traveling from your base.

  5. I do like hummus. I have been roasting grape tomatoes with lots of garlic and basil with spinach and blending into the hummus. Each outing I find more things to see and do on another trip. It keeps me going and me happy.

  6. Just north of Dallas gas was $2.77 this afternoon.