Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nurture Love Today

Who can help but be haunted by the news from Colorado.  Each one of us finds their own way to deal with unexplainable tragedy.  In a blog I follow, at Box Canyon Blog,
the author writes  of the unimaginable tragedy in Colorado this week.
It started me thinking....

There is so much hurt and evil in the world.  We will never really know what causes an individual to view their world in such a negative and brutal way.  Yet if we just turn away..... do nothing...... it allows the evil to continue.

I have been a foster parent for 38 years.  I have seen wounded and hurt children and teens who have seen very little kindness yet, grow into loving and caring adults while others continue the pattern of hate into their own lives and the lives of others who they touch.  Mental illness is real and it touches an individuals' life and the lives of all the people who know and love them in a profound way.  

 I can not tell you the countless number of times that I have heard said " I don't know how you do what you do, I could never do it".  Not every one needs to be a foster parent.  People who tell of pivotal people in their lives, remark about the teacher, the coach, the family member, or neighbor who saw the potenial in them and nurtured it.  They took time and gave this young person something to believe in.  The young people of today are the future of tomorrow.

I cannot presume to know what every injured or tormented soul needs.  I have learned to extend a moment of kindness, a caring comment or an encouraging word.  No kindness is wasted. The funny thing is when we do something that matters, we often find we receive more than the intended recipient.   Every one can do something. 

There also comes a time to heal your own broken heart.  For me, healing often comes surrounded by nature.  Who cannot behold the beauty of a stunning sunrise and not have hope for the future.   Who cannot witness the beauty of the rose and not be aware of it's thorns.

                                          Nurture Love today!


  1. Totally agree on Box Canyon Blog's take on the Colorado tragedy.

    Bless you for raising foster children. Bob and I took classes many years ago because we thought we wanted to adopt a special needs child. After two classes, we decided that would not work for us in our situation at that time.

    I have the deepest respect for what you do. Keep up the good work.


  2. Very well said. Bless you for your work with foster children. My daughter and hubby did that for many years before finally adopting a foster child that we all fell totally in love with. I think they were foster parents for about 18 years and fostered many many children.

  3. No kindness is wasted-I like that.