Monday, October 10, 2016

Life at Many Glaciers.....After the Big Hike

How do you follow up the a great hike of your dreams? First with a hot shower! At the store you purchase coins for the showers.  It is amazing the things you find out hanging out at the store.  Boy did that feel good!! So soothing to tired muscles and I must admit, my back was screaming at me!  Hailey made dinner, Bless her little heart and we were down for the count. 

So how did I follow up the hike of my dreams?   You rest..... and then you set another goal.  I must admit....the first goals were not so big,  not so grand.  Many Glaciers has so much to offer, it is clear why it is one of the Parks most sought after campground.  If my life circumstances were different, I would hop into the Minnie McVansion and head to this natural wonder again. And Again.  And Again.

First goal of the day was to walk to the camp store and restaurant ....I deserved a reward..... COFFEE!  
Sitting on the porch drinking my coffee, I heard folks talking about the visiting moose.  
Believe me my ears perked right up!

(1/4 mile from our camp site to the trailhead, a mere 1/4 mile hike to Fishercap Lake, a mere 1/4 mile back and of course the trampsing around in the woods to get the best vantage point for pictures. and a 1/4 mile return to the campsite Hailey is going to kill me!)

Oh but it was worth it.....We need to stretch out the sore muscles,  right?

 No babies in tow....but a most hospitable couple indeed.

  I am watching you, watching me....

I assure you these we taken a long distance off with the telephoto lenses,   Just the same we got a few distance pictures and left them to their evening snack.  Evening lighting and distance shots do not deliver perfect shots but I did want to disturb them further.

It was a nice little evening jaunt.

Walking the next morning was a bit better but it was clear there were no more BIG hikes in our immediate future.... (Do you see that another trip will be in my distant future)  
 Sooooo in the mean time, I proposed a little kayaking. 

Hailey resting with Many Glacier Lodge in view.

A thunder storm blew in fast, with 10 minutes between these two pictures.

It was a fast paddle for the boat launch where we were met by a park ranger checking on boater as an extreme weather warning had just been announced.

While there were folks on the beach enjoying a picnic and beach fire.....we choose not to be on or near the water during a thunder storm.....

The thunder storm blew in fast and had a lot of cloud to ground lightening strikes.

Luckily no fires.  Too much excitement for me but weather at Glacier is ever changing and requires constant adjustment.

We returned to camp for our forth night at Many Glacier Campground.  It is beginning to feel like our Glacier Home.  There are still so many things I would have liked to do and could have easily spent another week at this campground.  Do consider coming with lots of food and gas as prices near Many Glaciers are expensive.
In the morning we will head out for Two Medicine Campground.

Views along the way to Two Medicine

Two Medicine Lake

In what was our shortest walk/hike we discovered a unique waterfall near Two Medicine.

Running Eagle Falls, also called Trick Falls near Two Medicine

Handed down through oral histories of the Pakuni is the story of a Native Princess, known as Running Eagle who lived in the 1700's before while settles came to this area.  Running Eagle was the only young woman to ever go on what is commonly called a vision quest.  She went alone up into these woods to fast, pray, suffer and dream while she found her medicine.  She became a woman warrior known for her courage and bravery.   After her fathers death she took care of the extended family according to Pakuni traditions.  

Near her 30th year she went with a war party across the Continental Divide where she was killed by the Flathead in the territory.  The other warriors brought her body back and she was buried within a tree above the Falls.  The Pakuni people continue to admire her for her courage and honor and the person she became. 

This picture became so for me as symbolic of the promise of youth following the inner calling of and yearning of their heart.

During spring run off the water tumbles off over the top of the upper falls, later in the summer it falls through the lower falls forming a natural bridge that the water flows through.  I remember when traveling through Utah seeing natural bridges that were formed by the water.  Here is the water still doing the forming.  I so wanted to climb up to the top to view the water as it fell into the hole in the earth.  But there was no way to do so.

Leaving the East Side of Glacier is a bit like leaving the Mountain top. It has been an experience that truly has touched my inner being.  It has been a bit like reading a fabulous book.  For me it is always hard to pick up the next book,  afraid that you will never again find an experience that is as meaningful.

But, there will be new dreams, and new mountaintop experiences.
Each unique in itself. 
So off we go, ready for new experiences, open to all the possibilities. 

~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Every time I think your can't possible find another beautiful and breathtaking thing you sure do deliver.

    1. Glacier is breathtaking....One of my favorite places on earth.

  2. Those moose pictures are just fantastic. What a wonderful time you are having in one of my very favorite places. I've often wondered if I could manage to spend the whole summer there moving from campground to campground. Did you guys rent the kayaks from the park? I didn't think you traveled with kayaks.

    1. Sherry, I could clearly stay in the area as I truly love it, for a summer which dependent on weather can be as little as 2 months.. Going to the Sun Highway is open as early as Mid June but other years not until after the 4th of July as it is dependent upon when the road can be plowed and maintained. Some of the lower level hikes are open longer dependent upon the weather as well. There would definitely be plenty of opportunities to keep one busy! We did take our inflatable kayaks this summer and got plenty of use with them. There are places to rent right on the lakes in Glacier though.