Sunday, September 25, 2016

When the Land Belonged to God

This year, the National Park System celebrated a big Birthday....100 years.  As part of the celebration the National Parks have encouraged Americans to find their park.  After only a few hours in Glacier, I believe I have found my Park.  While there are many, many more parks for me to discover and explore, Glacier has caught a bit of my soul in a way no other park has captured.

After our drive to Logan Pass and the difficulty we encounter finding parking in the visitor center parking lot, we elected to ride the shuttle from Rising Sun Campground to the Logan Pass visitor center.  We had no trouble snagging seats for the ride up to Logan Pass for our hike to the Hidden Lake. 

After checking in with the rangers at the visitor center we discovered the meadow area near the visitor center had a Momma Grizzly and cub stop in just shortly before we arrived but they had retreated to a safe distance. The area below the Hidden Lake overlook was closed as there was another Momma Grizzly and 2 cubs had set up housekeeping along the lake shores.  Fine by me, I prefer to see grizzlies far off in the distance.  We set off for the overlook.


We set off for the overlook since it was still safely open.

Ponds of pooled water that became waterfalls as they tumbled down on the East side of Logan Pass.

A significant part of the hike was through slushy snow fields that had not yet melted off.

Some hikers come prepared for snow fun!

North end of Hidden Lake

Southern end of Hidden Lake.  As much as I wanted to hike around the lake.....I preferred to see the Grizzlies from this distance.....dots that we could watch as they moved but to far to get photos.

The photos of the Hidden Lake are taken on an outcropping of rocks. 

 It is a gathering point for people and other critters all with lunch in mind.  

Cute little critter
 scampering after it's Momma.

Search for human food has left the animals with little fear of humans and there are increased incidents of animals biting or charging people.

Currently there are studies of goats to better understand goat behavior that will result in better animal  management in the park.

It is clear to see the power of this male goat and easy to understand the potential danger he represents to humans within his territory.


On our return to the visitor center we stopped along the boardwalk and watched through a spotting scope the Mother Grizzly who with her cub was scampering through this meadow a long distance away.  No pictures....just memories.

Our hike for the day resulted in sightings of 5 grizzly bears and more than twenty goats.
After our return to our campsite we were treated to a program in the Rising Sun Campground.
The Program called 'Native America Speaks' was preformed by Jack Gladstone.

Jack Gladstone is a member of the Blackfeet Tribe and tells the stories he learned at his grandmothers knee in engaging stories and songs that are enthralling, entertaining and educational.   Jack Gladstone embraces both his indigenous Native American and his Northern European immigrant ancestry. 

In 2013, Jack was the recipient of the C.M. Russell Heritage Award.

Learn more about Jack Gladstone......

Hear a song written and sung by Jack Gladstone

"When the Land Belonged to God", a painting by Charlie M. Russell painted in 1914.


 Note hump on the back and wide set ears.....yep it is a grizzly.  
(Photo taken with a zoom from the safety of the van.)

 As a child I visited Glacier, and saw one goat and no bears....
Thus far six grizzlies, and more than 20 goats.

When the Land Belonged to God.....

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  1. What a great adventure at this bbeautiful park. Those goats sure are a muscular sure wouldn't want one after me or a grizzle either. Wonderful pictures