Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nashville, City of Fun and Music

When ever I think of Nashville my heart breaks out in song.  It has long been on my must visit list.  While I don't prefer to hang out in urban settings, I am willing to make the necessary adjustments to stay near Nashville.  But were are here to visit the Country Western center of the world.

Not far from Nashville just off Interstate 40 in Lebanon, Tennessee, we stopped for a short visit at the site of the first Cracker Barrel Restraurant and Country Store.  Founded in 1969 the founder, Danny Evins, started the restaurants as an alternative to fast food near Interstate highways featuring rocking chairs on the front porch, a blazing fireplace and down home country food with gift shops featuring homemade jellies treasures for every member of the family.  Cracker Barrels restaurants are the darling of RVers who love to sleep a few hours and enjoy a meal along the way.

 (This location did not have space to welcome overnighters) 


After a brief visit and a yummy piece of pie with a scoop of ice cream, we headed out to Nashville.

While we were in Nashville the summer heat and humidity still in high gear so we made plans to stay at our KOA campground. The lure of cool air conditioning calls to me, and the swimming pool beckoned Hailey.  I'll certainly use the opportunity to catch up on some laundry while we are here as well.  The daily chores still need to be done even in Nashville.

There are two KOA's in Nashville and we chose the one a bit farther north which turned out to be in a quieter location which worked well for us.   We later drove by the other KOA which was located off of a busy highway.  We made a good choice.

There were tours available of downtown Nashville with stops at major attractions. We were picked up by a shuttle and headed into Nashville to board the bus and view a number of sights including The Rymen Auditorium (The Grand Ole Opry) and the Country Hall of Fame.

  Outside The Rymen Auditorium (The Grand Ole Opry) 

         The most recognized view,
             The Grand Ole Opry,
 Can't you just hear Minni Pearl, shout out........ Howdeeeeee!

The costs of the entrance fees to the Grand Ole Opry and the Hall of Fame (were included with the tour bus costs) and close to the cost if we had drove in and paid the fees directly. came with free commentary and air conditioning!   We decided to stay in Nashville and have dinner and walk about near the waterfront and listen to some of the music.   

The Ryman Auditorium was names after a prominent riverboat captain and Business man Thomas Green Ryman whose generosity of time and money built the Union Gospel Tabernacle  which was renamed the Ryman Auditorium in his honor in 1904.

It became the home of Country Music and became the home of the filming of the Grand Ole Opry television show.

Country Music Hall of Fame
Budding stage actresses are awed on Broadway of New York city.  Movie actors are drawn to Hollywood, but this is the epi-center of the Country music world.  In this place I see evidence of all the music stars that I have watched from afar....and know that they have walked this place.  Yes, I am awed.....but I can't sing a note in my head only in my dreams. 

We left our tour at the Hall of Fame and stayed down near the waterfront to spend more time in the city, have dinner and enjoy the vibe of the nightlife near the waterfront.

Nashville Walk of Fame

Nashville  has become a major recording destination for many kinds of music.

 State Capitol

 Another women's notable point of interest
A Statue of Reverend Billy Graham

It is fun to walk around the streets near the waterfront.  There are breweries, restaurants, shops..... a little something for everyone.

The nightclubs often have large windows and doors that open up to the sidewalks allowing sidewalk concerts for everyone.

I had a little fun with color 

 So Long Nashville, We Will Seen You Again!



  1. what a fun place to visit. Like your narration of the trip

  2. Great idea to take the tour with everything included. Love the picture of Hailey in the sound hole.

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