Friday, September 11, 2015

The Hurrydier I Go the Hehinder I get

How is it possible that just when I have the most to post, I have no desire to get it done.  I'm so tired after all the business of travel that the words don't come.  So instead I procrastinated.  Since I do want to preserve the memories of this wonderful trip I am planning on backtracking and get it done....         I think.

(I must admit, I have had fleeting thoughts, suggesting maybe stopping blogging and going back to scrapbooking.  Time will tell!)

(Back to the Journey)

After leaving Acadia we scurried back down the coastline through Maine leaving time for a trip to Portland and the outlet malls.  I, of course am more focused on the scenic aspect of Portland while Hailey is more focused on the outlet malls and shopping.  

In moments like these I swear we are not related! 

I look forward to another lighthouse on our path in Portland.  And it is a beaut!! 

Portland Head Lighthouse is located at the main entrance to the Portland Harbor in Maine.  It's construction was began on President Washington's order and was the first lighthouse completed by the US government.

It is also the most visited, photographed and painted lighthouse in New England.
I, of course have to add my photos to collective album.

 Completed in 1791,  the light station is automated, and the tower, beacon, and foghorn are maintained by the United States Coast Guard, while the former lighthouse keepers quarters house is a maritime museum within Fort Williams Park.

Off in the harbor is another operating lighthouse.  Many dot the Maine coastline, silently doing their work to alert ships of rocks and dangers under the seas surface.

We arrive late in the day and the park with wonderful picnic grounds is a wonderful place to spend the late afternoon, prepare dinner and hike around the grounds.

Birds occupy nearby rocks allowing spectators and opportunity to sit in silence watching their activities.

After dinner we walk around the grounds west of the lighthouse where the remains of Fort Williams. 


While the East is low on National Forests providing free boondocking locations, internet lists have provided lists providing retail options that meet our needs.  While I personally enjoy waking up in a forest to the chatter of birds waking up the forest, there is something to be said for starting the morning early obtaining the supplies you need close at hand and then getting an early start off to new destination.

 Our favorite Walmart stopover
From our night home in a quaint New England Walmart near Portland Maine

A good nights sleep...  and then off again




  1. Love your lighthouse pictures. Does Hailey get a picture of herself shopping? LOL! I think it's the age difference not the genes difference. I know I was a shopper in my teens but hate it now. You seem to have the same paragraph description on three of your pictures. Don't give up on the blog, I can't see the great places you go if you only scrap book. Besides, isn't that more expensive? :-)

  2. Love the photos, especially the first one. The flowers in the foreground and the lighthouse in the distance are beautiful. Sometimes I get tired of blogging, too. But I don't think I have the money or storage space to do real scrap booking. It can be pricey, and can you image how much space you'd need for all those scrapbooks? Fun to think about, though. I, too, used to be a shopaholic, but now I'm so frugal I can't believe I'm the same person. I think I like frugal better! :)

  3. Ha! My mother-in-law had the title of your post in her kitchen for years. Great lighthouse photos!

  4. Oh don't stop blogging. Your pictures bring me to places I only dream of going for now. I have a hard time bloggign because I am not going anywhere right now. Love the lighthouse pictures