Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Family Times In Connecticut

We finally made it.

Parked out by the barn

We arrived safe and sound in Connecticut in time to help with packing up the house and belongings to move to the kids new house.  All of the activities are not in the right order....just great family time.  
Interspersed with the first week of packing were swim lessons. 

A wild Messy Birthday party for one of the grands friends and a kids circus camp performance.

 Circus/Acrobatic  Performances

Elias is the shorter Man on stilts

Due to the packing we ate out lots and had Korean, Japanese and Chinese.  It was a bit like a trip to the Far East but we were all grateful for the mix of food already prepared, due to the mess we created with the packing.  Finally the packing was done and the day of closing was due. 

Then the underwriter died.....   SERIOUSLY!!

This added additional uncertainty on to the  incredible amounts of stress of getting everything packed...  Finally the afternoon before the closing word came that the process was good to go on Friday and the big move could begin....

The first of many loads was moved that night. Moving was done by Saturday and then on to Ikea on Sunday while the truck was still available. What fun..... we'll take one of those, and one of those, and one of those.....

New Spaces Need furniture.

A few days of building and arranging furniture, getting settled followed.

 The House they moved from on WildCat Hill, circa 1732

The House they moved to

  Lots of greenry around the house....Plantings everywhere.  But lots of land natural too.

 Whale Rock on the back of the property

We spent a couple of days in Boston and visited some of the kids friends and spent some beach time.

Spent a nice afternoon in an Arboretum walking in the beautiful solitude while the kids (of all ages) honed their skateboard and longboard skills.  Check out the video of Scott on the longboard.

Back yard movies - someone let a dinosaur loose in the neighborhood.

A Day in the Boston Area

An international sand sculpting contest on the beach near Boston

 Some of the best sand sculpting I have ever seen.  It was hard to pic favorites!

The last day before we left the kids, we made a trip to Brownstone Water Park near Portland CT.

It is the site of a quarry where brown stone was quarried to utilize in large buildings in New York and around New England.  After an earthquake caused water to fill the quarry it was turned into a  very large water park.

There are zip lines, water slides, cliff jumping, paddle boards, wake boards, and of course swimming.

Noah on the wake board

Elias on the zip line

Melissa climbing the cliff before zip lining down.

Me on top of the cliff contemplating life.....   The lifeguard says....I don't see many older folks jumping from the 40 foot cliff!  Gulp!!                    I did it!!!

   Note how far my feet are apart, the landing hurt my tail bone!!!  Ouch!


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