Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Tale of the Well Lit Hens

It is a common belief that men have a difficult time asking for help.  That doesn't mean that ALL men share this belief, just that it is common.  But once in a while a man can find himself in need of a helping hand.  Lucky for our campground neighbor he had ten lit hens to lend a hand.... or beak.  But I am getting ahead of myself......Back to the beginning.

Our campground was taken over by a group of camping women, most of them in vintage trailers to attend a great shopping event called Farm Chicks.  Shopping of course is on the agenda, along with good food, and great company.  Into this mix on Friday night, a man and his teen age son arrive to occupy a lone space next to our overflow parking where 10 of our trailers were cozy and settled for the weekend.

This weekend,the entire group (around 35 trailers) had planned for a special event.  Those of us with bikes brought them and decorated them for a twilight bike parade through the campground.  So after our potluck we retired to our trailers to commence with the decorating and preparations.  Our overflow group (under the leadership of Jane also planed to decorate our bodies....and Chicks, how fitting for the Farm Chicks weekend. Tails and beaks would accompany our brightly colored bikes.

So we decorated, and decorated and then gathered up in our loop for some practice riding and clucking, then proceeding down to the parade starting point.

                                                                               Yup, it's me

                                                                               Best of the Show

Along the way, we discovered our new neighbor arriving and commented, "He sure doesn't know what he got himself into" LOL  As we were clucking and riding back and forth as we waited for everone to keep together, we discovered that he was having difficulty getting his very long trailer backed up.  In short order, he had the trailer carefully wedged with a bolder between his back wheel and the bumper with a low hanging jack.  I can only imagine his horror to be backing up the trailer with 10 lit hens....watching and offering 'suggestions'.

When it became clear getting it out was going to be far more difficult.....a wise ole hen (who happens to be a Montana ranch wife)  came to the rescue.  She clucked her way back to her truck and flew back in a flash.  With a couple of shovels to dig around the bolder and a towing strap this hen drug the bolder free and saved the day.  The hens then released the teenage son from giving trailer direction duties and had the truck and his trailer parked in no time.

(No pics of the truck and trailer to protect the dignity of the poor man.)

We then proceeded to the starting point of the parade and had a blast......ride the parade route many time.  (Our new neighbors sat in their chairs taking in the sights of our parade as the sun proceeded to set)

The next morning as the Hens enjoyed their coffee and woman walked up and asked "Are you the Hens?"

"Why yes, why do you ask."

"Well, my husband shared what happened last night and I just wanted to hear the REAL story."

We all laughed and of course shared all the details.

So the next time you are backing up you trailer and having difficulties,  Remember the Lit Hens!

Just know that it could be worse......

Your help and salvation could be a flock of Lit Hens.

                                                          ~ Happy Trails ~




  1. I recognized you even with the beak. Bet that guy was really embarrassed!

  2. OMGeepers! over the top funny.. wish I could have been there! hugz to my favorite 'sister Hens'...

  3. Now this is too funny and too much fun. You girls really do know how to do it up. This will be a great story for many years for the guy and particularly for his wife. Hens to the rescue! Way to go chicks!!

  4. Yep, that's me with the bright yellow and the wand.

  5. And I'm the "OL" rancher wife.....LOL

  6. I was so proud of my hen house! There was no doubt that a big truck and lots of cackling wouldn't be successful. Cluck cluck cluck!!!