Saturday, April 25, 2015

RoadTrek Shake Down Trip - Part Two

We went in search of Sand Cranes but found only Canadian Geese, lots of ducks and Koots.  There was a Sand Crane Festival located in nearby Othello the week before our arrival.  I was really hoping I could find some Sand Crane hideouts by checking out some local ponds and preserves.... No luck, I guess they had it with the Looky Lou's and moved on to more private accommodations.  Maybe next year I will check out some of the Bird Watcher tours and learn where the birdie's hang out.

But we did find another nearby campground at Scootney Lake. (A Bureau of Reclamation preserve that is located about 35 miles south of Moses Lake.)  It was a beautiful place to spend a night listening to bird chatter. ($7.50 with National Senior Pass)

             With no competition for campsites we easily snagged a beach side campsite.

Campsites are placed along the reservoir as well. All of the sites are primitive. Each site includes a picnic area, fire rings and tent pads. Some parking spaces can accommodate RVs. There are no hook-ups for RVs. There is a dump site, however. Drinking water and bathrooms with running water are available.

 The only other neighbors!

The evening while ideal gave way to a night to remember.  Hailey had not been feeling well earlier in the evening and finally the nausea won the battle during the night. People get sick no matter where they live but it is different when you are away form the comforts of home.... Time to give some thought to what would make those moments better. Not exactly ideal in a small space but we got through it and she was feeling much better the next day.

We started off mid morning, heading out to Palouse Falls. 

Palouse Falls State Park is a 105-acre camping park with a unique geology and history.  We arrived mid week to a slew of park visitors.  Parking near the falls was a 'wait for a spot to pull into as someone to leave there parking spot.  By dinner time the day use visitors had leftm leaving a quiet park for the evening.  We visited the viewpoints, fixed dinner and turned in for an early night among the tenters and small motor homes.

 Back Porch View

This is the view from our camping spot......but there is much, much more.  The park offers a dramatic view of one of the state's most beautiful waterfalls.   Palouse Falls drops from a height of 198-feet with high volumes of water flow in spring and early summer.  this is the perfect time of year to visit Palouse Falls. ($10 to park with a view of the Falls) Pit toilets and garbage only.)

The campground(parking lot and large grassy area for tents) is located on top of the bluff overlooking the Falls. The trail follows around the bluff and down a steep trail shown in the top left of center. 

Everything worked beautifully in the RoadTrek.  The amount of driving we did on the trip from place to place kept the batteries charged with more than enough for lights and recharging.  I do need a new pure sine inverter so that I can recharge the computer but everything else was perfect!!

We carried jugs of drinking water and used the water tank for all other uses. We had more than enough water for the week and it is great to have water that pumps on demand.

 I even managed my first black water dump without any problems......except....boy can people be disgusting!  Washington State has many rest stops that provide for free RV tank dumps complete with water access to ensure a tidy emptying process.  If RV owners have an incident of sewage not dumping into the sewer, HOW can they just leave it and drive off? 

We followed the canyon for a bit....

The Roadtrek is excellent for a road trip....

By keeping our interior picked up we were able to ready for departures quickly and without any heavy lifting.  It sure was easy on my back!!

I think I like it!!

The landscape was lush and green due to spring rains...but it won't last for long before turning brown for summer.

After the short days of winter...... the sun is a wonderful thing!!

 Another wonderful journey!!

                      ~ Happy Trails~                         


  1. I really like the pic with the waterfall and rainbow. Sounds like you had a great trip. I had to go back and catch up on your entries.

  2. Glad all went well. Sounds like you really like your Roadie!

  3. Seems like everyone we know with a Roadtrek just loves them. Glad it's working out!

  4. Beautiful photographs! Glad you're enjoying your little RV!

  5. Fabulous pictures what a great trial run. Happy for you to be able to enjoy your trips with no heavy lifting involved . Keep on rolling.

  6. I'm glad it is working out. Kinda hearing what I hope will happen for me as well. I know when I was in paying for another night at the primitive campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where it had been raining for a couple of days already, a couple pulled in with a Roadtrek. I told them I wished I had something like that so I didn't have to crawl out of my tent in the rain to make my first cups of coffee in the morning. They smiled.

  7. So sorry to hear Hailey had a rough night. But she's a lucky girl to be able to go on such great trips with you. It just makes me smile all over to see these really beautiful pictures and to think that you were able to so quickly and easily find this Roadtrek which seems really perfect. Still am amazed at how you did that. I really envy you being able to get into these great camping spots. I love Winnona and all the living room she has but to have that campsite with a waterfall view. Well.............. just fabulous!!

  8. Terrific falls-and-rainbow shot!! I like your Roadtrek, too - yum!