Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well Diddle - Damn

Well, Millenicom is no more.  I have used it happily for two and a half years. 

 Yes, I even hung in there after the price increase to $89.00 per month as it was the best deal available for bloggers on the road (IMHO).  

Most customers received word of the recent change via an email.

Info from Millenicom:    This is to correct an earlier email that was sent to you regarding your service. Verizon Wireless, the carrier providing your wireless service, may be contacting you about options for your ongoing service. Going forward your relationship will be directly with Verizon Wireless. Millenicom will no longer have any role concerning your account and Millenicom does not now or will have any relationship with Verizon Wireless. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience this notice may cause. 

I  had decided to cancel my subscription on September 30 as I would be home bound for the winter except brief interludes when I venture out into the snowy white world on adventures mearly days before the unexpected announcement .  I have internet available at the house and the RV Resort will my trailer will be for the winter, so paying for Millenicom would have been unnecessary and costly.   Before I canceled my subscription I talked with the wonderful tech folks at Millenicom and was assured that I would need to pay a reactivation fee but would be welcomed back when I was ready to hit the road again in the Spring.  Win - Win????  Not so fast. 

 Enter the corporate decision of Verizon to take over Millinicom. 

I have watched the advertisements regarding deals available to Verizon customers to double their data that go on through October.  I have no intention nor can I afford $160 to continue internet as I knew it.  So we shall see.   As I am no longer a customer of Millinicom, I am only eligible to double up my minimum data on my phone.  


Well I can no longer post pone gathering more info.....and consider my options!


Wish me well!!





  1. I do wish you well and also wish I knew what sort of back room shenanigans were going on there. I guess perhaps Millenicom's offers were bound to make Verizon buy them up. Bet Millenicom made a bundle.

  2. never could rap that entire Millenicom thing around to understand the use of it. I am not a big fan of Verizon but I use their MiFi and it works just about everywhere. Of course without warning my bill went from $50. to $60. monthly. My phone is Straight Talk from Walmart and it works where ever Verizon does and it cost just under $50. including every tx the government can could possibly come up with. But my phone is all unlimited included long distance. I have been with Straight Talk for almost 5 yrs and only had a problem twice. Good Luck finding something else

  3. Hopefully you got the message on your mifi that Verizon is offering the same deal for $89 with 1 yr contract, $99 without? There is a number in a text on your mifi device. Let me know if you don't have it, and I will send.... Hope all is well!

  4. I haven't heard a word from them this is not going to happen with me. I'll get something for at home and not get on line when traveling off somewhere. I'll just wait for some free wifi. I no longer have a contract and I won't sign for one either. Thanks for the warning. Just looked there isn't any number. don't know if you meant this for me but thanks anyway :)

  5. I am just letting it lapse on Nov 8th. Only had Millenicim since May so paid for the wifi device and may reactivate in the future. The RV park I am at for Nov n Dec has TengoInternet for $30-40 a month I think , have to check the price. Then I go to FL for 4 months. Don't like being pressured into plans and contracts so I will wait and see.