Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ran Out of Love for Anacortes

Planned a hike and bike ride in Anacortes for the day. There is a point and viewpoint due East that looks over the Cap Sante Marina and according to Suzanne a perfect place for sunset.  Now since I plan my day with the hopes of being in a good spot for sunset we will definitely keep that in mind. 

At the marina office there are complimentary bikes that are available to check out for FREE!! And there happens to be a trail that follows along the waterfront.  Now isn't that handy.  The Marina has been a great place to stay.  Bathrooms, showers, laundry, lots of sun....great on the solar, walking on the docks and a short distance to town (and ice cream!) and now bikes too!!  Yes, it costs more to park here than the National Parks we have been staying in....but it has been a great change of pace. 
It has been a happy place!!   

 Along the bike path we found a place to stop and play awhile

Is your game chess or checker?

The trail is not a loop so we go finish our ride and head back to deposit the bikes before we head out to check out another possible spot for sunset.  We followed Highway 20 west from the down town and was headed towards a beach.  Just after the ferry terminal, the road took a curve to the left and not knowing which way we should go we went to the right.  I was trying to figure out where we were and where we needed to be..... In the mirror, what do I see.....Yep, red and blue lights.

In my confusion, I missed that we had left the arterial and were now in a reduced speed area by two blocks.   If I had been on the arterial I would have been 2 miles over the speed limit.  Because I had left the arterial it cost me $195.    I'm definitely not feeling the love! 

I stopped by at the vehicle licensing office to renew my license plates and told my story of woe.  The gals in the office named Officer Ray (yep, one in the same) and said he had been in a few days before taking about how he loves to give tickets and NOONE in town gives more than he does..... He is probably not the ambassador for tourism the Chamber of Commerce has in mind. 

My ability to navigate in unfamiliar areas is again shaken.
Now all I can think of is getting out of town..... one more sunset and we are gone.

We head back to familiar territory to the viewpoint at the Cap Sante Marina Park and Viewpoint for sunset.  It was lovely as the clouds were lifting revealing wonderful the views.

Since the closing of the canneries new industry has come to Anacortes.  Oil refineries line the entrance to this quaint little town.  I can't help but think of the outcome for this place if there was ever an accident to spoil the beauty of this place.

What a terrible price is paid for progress when technology and our need for MORE, MORE, MORE increases our demand and our earth pays a terrible price.


Our first glimpse of Mt Baker.

We shall say goodbye to the sea, The North Cascades are calling.


  1. $195!! You would've thought he would cut a visitor some slack! We have ever more oil trains traveling through our area on their way to the refinery. I worry about a spill/explosion/fire along the tracks. I think it was a year or two ago 2 people were killed at the refinery in a fire or explosion. There are always costs for every action we as a society take--some good, so not at all good. Safe travels!

  2. Bummer about the ticket. You may want to reconsider buying a GPS;-)
    Love that last photo of Mt. Baker and look forward to seeing the others.

  3. So sorry about the ticket. That's a big chunk out of your traveling money.
    Great photos!
    Connie :)

  4. Well my GPS was worthless so I have to veto Jim's suggestion. It couldn't get me to the business I was sitting in front of. BUT given the Oil business going on there and the ticket happy cop, I'm crossing Anacortes off my list. You might want to mention to the chamber of commerce that his ticketing of tourists and visitors unfamiliar with the city rather than giving a "warning" could cost them in the long run. I wouldn't be feeling the love either.

  5. Sorry about the ticket, sure makes for an unhappy ending to your visit. I like my GPS, I still use paper maps along with it and the GPS displays the speed limit, too.

  6. Karen -- Not fair! We out of towners should get a pass! I am so sorry that happened. I hope you didn't let it ruin too much of your journey, though. I look forward to hearing how you and Hailey finished out her summer vacation. Tell Hailey we want a "guest post" on her impressions of nomadic life. ;-)