Saturday, June 30, 2012

Steptoe Butte

 Steptoe Butte - An Impromptu Destination

Returning from camping at a Powwow in Pullman,Washington, I see the sign for the turnoff to Step-toe Butte.  I have seen it hundreds of times in my 60 plus years off in the distance, yet never ventured to it's top.  Today is different.  I make the turn.

While putting together this post I realize all of my pictures are of Steptoe Butte looking out (down).  So I found this web picture of what it looks like from the highway.  Just thought you might want a peek

Step-toe Butte is a 150-acre, 3,612-foot-tall natural  thimble-shaped, quartzite butte about 45 miles from Spokane, Washington. It looms in bald grandeur over the prevailing flat, rolling farmland. The park is famous for its stark, dramatic beauty and the panoramic view it provides of surrounding farmlands, the Blue Mountains, and other neighboring ranges and peaks. A narrow road  winds around and around the butte.  Just before you get to the top you come to an outcropping of towers.  A testament to modern technology.  The only sign of habitation of humans on Step-toe Butte.

Then, finally you are on top of the butte.  The views are breathtaking.  It's a 360 degree view.


The area around Steptoe Butte was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years.  Native Americans called the butte "the power mountain." It was believed that a journey to the butte bestowed a gift of power from the mountain's guardian spirit.                                                                                                             

This place was a beginning to a new era..... 

but it is still an inspiring place to listen to the wind of change. 


  1. One of these days I need to get up into your country. Pretty cool place.

  2. So glad to know those towers are not right on the top ruining the feel of the spot if you know what I mean. We have taken so many of the Native American power spots and turned them into commercial endeavors.

    A good step to do something in your own backyard that you've seen so often you don't see it anymore. Change is in the air!

  3. What a delightful blog. I have read numerous past entries.

    We love Palouse Falls, the Dry Falls, and Grand Coulee Dam...have seen the laser light show too! Who knew there was so much interesting stuff in northeastern Washington?

    Have you been to the solar observatory in Goldendale? If it's still there and functional, go on a cloudless day to see the sun through a telescope. We enjoyed it.

    Thanks for joining my blog. I am subscribing to yours as well.


  4. Very cool pics! Brings back memories. I miss Washington State!