Sunday, April 22, 2012

Technoloyg has its way with me!

Today is the first day over 70 degrees.  It absolutely requires some outdoor play.  Dog, check.  Kiddo, check.  Camera, check. Geo-caching GPS, check.   So off to the river we will go.   I had downloaded 3 caches (treasures to hunt called geo-caching).  Obviously I'm rusty after a long winter.  My old brain just couldn't handle the frustration of figuring out the technology of the GPS.  After trying to find 3 treasures, in frustration I finally gave up.  (Technology 1, Karen, 0).  After abandoning treasure hunting,  I needed some time to decompress.  So on to plan B.... hiking along the river trail...  I'm good with seeing what nature has to show us today.  Just soak in some splendor and see what is all around us.

           Check out the 2 foot tall Red ant hill.  It is literally covered in little biters!

We found this hill right beside the trail where I was going to sit down on the ground for a little rest.  Close call. Just as I was going to sit, my buddy yelled not to sit there!!!!   I certainly need to wear bifocals all the time! I also discovered a problem with my camera.  For some reason the memory disk write-protected itself while 'noone' was watching.  After many attempts to undo this I gave up....... I also discovered I could only take 3 pictures on the internal memory.  Geez, what a way to spoil a gals fun!!   (Technology 2, Karen 0 ).  Two more pictures was all I was allowed for this day adventure.

                                A picture of the swollen Spokane River

                Yep!   It is snow in dem dar hills.......  Is it almost Spring?

  Do you have days where nothing seems to work right? 
  So what is your technology frustration? 

Thought for the Day :         
It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.
             Clive James

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  1. Uh oh, red ants - they bite me evry chance they get.

    As for technology, my bane seems to be my Mac keyboard. It has a mind of its own and always makes me look like I can't spell.