Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Next Chapter.......

     My life isn't going according to plan, but then that is not a news flash.  I have been raising children for for 39 years, many of those years as a single parent.  This led to many opportunities to develop problem solving skills, determination and grit, allowing me to adapt to life's twists and turns. 
       I never gave much thought to retirement years as a single woman.  I had dreams of retirement years shared with a loving husband, shared income, and traveling and enjoying life..  (In my dreams wishes come true)  When this fairy tale foiled I eventually bought my house on my own and  embraced life with the animals and children. Life has never been dull.
       Yet I didn't plan on approaching retirement years single.  There is no time for a pity party,  rather I'll take the opportunity to do some reflection, soul searching and most of all discover a future path that suits me.  It seems so strange to consider what I want to do.  My life has always had a purpose.... what will my new purpose be.. Its time to start thinking about what comes next..  Am I ready for a new adventure?

Thought for the day:

 "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake."   Henry David Thoreau


  1. Welcome to blogland, and thank you for following my blog! Your dreams were just like mine - and mine had to change, too. You are lucky, though, that you had horses, donkeys, and a goat. I would have loved those in the backyard. I DID have chickens, dogs and cats, though, as well as a son and daughter, who are wonderful kids, and now - five grandchildren.

    In any event, life is good, and interesting, and never dull. I'm really enjoying RVing full-time, traveling where I want and being completely independent.

    I hope your life is going well, and hope to see future blog posts! :)

    (BTW, if you continue posting, you might consider taking the Word Verification off - it makes it difficult to leave comments, and will make a difference to the number of comments you receive.)

  2. Thank-you so much for your kind comments and encouragement..... You are my very first follower! My first co-pilot. I'm not even sure I'm ready but here goes.... I'm trying to find more information about word verification and figure it out - so far no luck. ..... Thank-you again and stay in touch! Karen

  3. Follow your dreams, even when they don;t go where you expect! I, too, am single and older and often wish I could've found myself in different circumstances. But compared to most people on this planet, I'm evry lucky, and so are you! Enjoying your blog!

  4. Welcome, Spotted Dog Ranch.... I look forward to getting to know more about you too!

  5. My wife and I are on a similar journey, we too would love to jump off of the daily grind and get on the road but lifes choices have us locked in a house and debt up to our eye balls.

    So, we are slowly but surely paying off debt and trying it out in peices one RV trip at a time!

    Good luck in making the decision!


  6. There are LOTS & LOTS of solo female RVers on the road. Find some groups (Yahoo maybe) or forums where your trailer is similar to establish relationships with other solos - both men & women. I know of a couple of relationships that got started going to solo rallies!